Behind The Ear Tattoos


Behind The Ear Tattoos

If you’re looking for a tattoo that’s subtle and fun, a behind the ear tattoo is a great placement to consider! This location can be easily covered if you have longer hair, or pop out from behind your ponytail, adding some flair to your look. The placement behind the ear allows small and subtle tattoos to stand out, and the meaning will always be different depending on the design you choose! Even if you don’t have a tattoo in mind, this list is filled with ideas that will make you want to book your appointment at the tattoo parlor as soon as possible!

1Buzzing Bees

This tattoo is cute yet simple. If you love nature, these buzzing bees would be a fun choice for your new ink!

2Soaring Bird

Bird tattoos always hold a lot of meaning. Carrying one with you behind your ear will show others your free spirit right off the bat!

3Purple Butterfly

A butterfly is another creature that makes a great tattoo. Choose your favorite color and get a tiny butterfly behind your ear for a delicate touch to your look!

4Sleek Cat

This cat tattoo is simple and sleek. You’ll get lots of compliments for this little kitten hiding behind your ear!

5Simple Cross

A cross is always a popular tattoo design. This simple cross behind the ear looks beautiful with a messy bun!

6Crown Jewels

Nothing says confidence like a crown tattoo! Pairing this tattoo with pretty jewel earrings results in a stand-out look every time!

7Blowing Dandelion

A dandelion blowing in the wind can remind us to be carefree and enjoy the little things. This tattoo is the perfect way to show off your free spirit!

8Decorative Details

This design shows how a behind the ear tattoo can really stand out! A bold, yet beautiful design like this is sure to turn heads!

9Behind the Ear Dragon

Dragons can represent power and strength. A dragon behind you ear would be an exciting and edgy update to your look!

10Creative Dream Catcher

Dream catchers are a popular tattoo for good reason. This behind the ear version will be a permanent reminder to follow your dreams and stay true to yourself.

11Cute Elephant

If you’re looking for a tattoo that’s lighthearted and fun, a baby elephant might be the perfect solution! The simple design will put a smile on anyone’s face.

12Faith Tattoo

You could always get a meaningful word behind your ear. This beautiful font will make you proud to keep your faith with you wherever you go!

13Pretty Feather

A feather can remind you to stay lighthearted. Getting one behind your ear can remind you to stay soft and go with the flow in life.

14Intricate Fish

This fish tattoo shows that small tattoos can still have a lot of detail. If fish are meaningful to you, getting one behind your ear could be a sweet symbol of your personality!

15Five Birds

This tattoo features the silhouettes of five birds coming out from behind the ear. This could be a great way to represent your family or a group of friends!

16Tiny Circle of Flowers

Flowers are always a cute and feminine tattoo option. This tiny circle of flowers makes a timeless behind the ear tattoo!

17Flower Jewels

This decorative tattoo is a beautiful way to showcase your love of ink! The flowers are decorated with dangling jewels to add a bit of sparkle to the design.

18Simple Love Heart

Hearts are the classic symbol of love. This simple heart behind your ear would never go out of style!

19Detailed Hummingbird

Hummingbirds are so dainty and graceful as they dart around in nature. Getting one tattooed behind your ear would remind you of that grace wherever you go!

20Infinity Bird

This design is a gorgeous yet simple way to combine the bird and the infinity sign. Putting this design behind your ear would allow it to stand out no matter the season!

21Decorative Leaves


22Fearless Quote


23Tiny Moon


24Moon with Jewels


25Music Note Love


26Meaningful Roman Numerals


27Sweet Pawprints


28Peter Pan Silhouettes


29Simple Planet and Star


30Pretty Purple Flowers


31Single Rose


32Curious Kitten


33Shooting Star


34Simple Numeral


35Moving Feathers


If you’re looking for a cute new tattoo placement, getting inked behind the ear is a great idea to consider! This cute location is always visible if you want to show it off, and it will look good with any outfit. You can always cover it up with your hair, so it is the perfect location for choosing when to display your new ink!

Some of these tattoo ideas incorporate animals or flowers. If these things hold meaning to you, it would be a great idea to get a small one behind your ear. Adding an element of nature can reveal more of your personality when you meet new people!

A few of the tattoo designs are more decorative. Your behind the ear tattoo doesn’t need to be small and delicate. It can make a bold statement with bigger designs and bright colors. If you love tattoos, this is a great idea to add some fun and unique ink to your collection!

A special word, number, or Roman numeral would be another way to add meaning to your behind the ear tattoo. Many people find meaning in words or numbers, so getting one tattooed would be a precious reminder to carry with you always.

Whether you want a meaningful tattoo, a decorative tattoo, or something cute, fun, or elegant, you’re sure to find a tattoo on this list that works for your style! Tattoos are a fun way to express yourself, and a behind the ear tattoo can be a subtle way to show an element of your personality right off the bat!

This collection of behind the ear tattoos shows just how many options you have for your next trip to the parlor. We hope this list helps you make the decision for your beautiful new tattoo!


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