Best Friend Tattoos

Best Friend Tattoos

Best Friend Tattoos

Are you and your BFF like sisters? Then, it might be time you two decided to take the leap and get best friend tattoos. Best friend tattoos are the ultimate sign of friendship and it’s almost a guarantee that you two will never grow apart! If you are interested in getting inked with your sister-from-another-mister, then check out these totally amazing best friend tattoos!

1Wild And Safe Tattoos

There is always a balance between a pair of best friends. One is always a little crazier than the other and that person certainly needs someone to keep them grounded. So, if you have a Thelma to your Louise, then this tattoo design is perfect for your dynamic.

2Soul Sister Tattoos

Not all sisters are blood-related. A soul sister is a very special bond that deserves to be commemorated. So, if you have a best friend that you would do anything for, these soul sister tattoos are a great choice to honor that close bond.

3Tiny Heart Tattoos

These simply adorable hearts are perfect for the tattoo virgins of the world. They don’t take up too much space and there is no room for controversy. They are purely there to commemorate a much-appreciated friendship.

4Peanut Butter And Jelly Tattoos

Do you and your best friend go together like peanut butter and jelly? Then this PB & J tattoo design is the right choice to the absolute perfect combo that you are!

5Friends Tattoos

This best friend tattoo design is for all the 90s kids of the world who are total FRIENDS fanatics. Now, you just have to decide who’s the Monica and who’s the Rachel of the friendship? And, let’s not forget Phoebe.

6Infinity Arrow Tattoos

These infinity arrows are extremely adorable and they definitely meet all#BestfriendGoals. The infinity circle represents that your friendship will go on forever. And, the arrow symbolizes that you will stay with each other no matter where you go in life.

7Roses Matching Tattoos

These cute and romantic roses are for the best friends that know that even though they are beautiful, they also have thorns. These are for the best friends who have been through thick and thin and have grown tough because of it. They love each other, flaws and all!

8Sun And Moon Tattoos

Live by the sun and love by the moon is the motto for this friendship duo. The sun and moon tattoo design is all about living life to the fullest and being one with the universe. If that describes you and your best friend’s mentality, then this is a great choice for you.

9Avocados Tattoos

Are you and your friend avocado lovers? Or, are you super into dieting and fitness? If so, these cute avocado tattoos are the perfect choice for you and your buddy.

10Always Tattoos

The word ‘always’ is small and to the point, but carries so much weight. If you and your best friend will always love each other, always be there for each other, and always have each other’s back, then consider getting this word inked on your skin. This is for the friendship that will ‘always’ stay in tact.

11Our Stories Tattoos

There are some best friends that you seem to make the best memories with. Whether they are funny, crazy, or just super sweet, this tattoo will sum up how your stories will keep on keeping on. So, put some ink on your skin and live in the moment so you will have some great stories to tell at parties!

12Double Trouble Matching Tattoos

Are you and your best friend always getting into trouble? Then this tattoo design might be the right choice for you! This double trouble tattoo design sums up that friendship that is almost too much fun! But, really, don’t slow down, you guys are on a roll!

13Thick And Thin Tattoos

This heart tattoo with the words “thick” and “thing” written within them is the perfect commemoration to the friendship that stays strong no matter what comes their way. They have been through rough times and they are more than ready for more. So, bring it on, world, these friends are prepared!

14No Matter Tattoos

These “no matter what” tattoos are a great choice for the friends who are with each other through, well…no matter what! Nothing can tear this perfect friendship apart because they understand that their bond means more than anything! So, good luck trying to break their friendship!

15Feathers Tattoos

These feather tattoos designs are perfect for the spiritual BFF duo. Feathers represent reaching a higher spiritual level of connection. So, if you and your best friend feel like your bond is on a whole other level, then this is the design for you. There are also so many different feather designs and you should definitely think about adding some color!

16Smiley Hug Tattoos

This smiley hug tattoo design is a great choice for the goofy pair of BFFS. If you and your best friend love living life without taking daily stresses too seriously, then this design should be your top choice! This is also a great choice if you are a stress-monster and need a reminder to smile, because, hey, life is not that bad!

17Lock And Key Tattoos

Is your best friend the only one who holds the key to your heart? Is she the one who holds all the keys to your deepest darkest secrets? If she is your key holder, then, you should definitely consider getting this adorable lock and key tattoo. I mean, why not make it official?

18I’ll Be There Tattoos

These original script tattoos are unique and sentimental as they are written by you and your BFF. You can use the script above or choose your own that sums up your friendship just right. Whatever you choose, you can guarentee that no one will have your design!

19Crosses Tattoos

These beautiful cross tattoos are perfect for the BFFs who put their faith in religion. Maybe you and your BFF met through a church event or maybe you just both share the same love of God, either way, these crosses will connect you for eternity.

20Heart And Anchor Tattoos

These heart and anchor tattoos will remind you and your best friend that you will always be attached to them. There is no amount of distance that will ever disconnect you. No matter what there will always be an invisible string between the two of you.

21Funny Friends Tattoos

Are you and your best friend the type that call each other names and then laugh about it? If so, then these funny, yet adorable tattoos are perfect for your dynamic. Honor the fact that you are not the type to get easily offended because you know you love each other no matter what.

22Dream Catcher Tattoos

These beautiful compass-style dream catchers are perfect for the BFFS who are always chasing their dreams. No matter what, this duo will be there to support each other on their ladders to personal success. Distance has no effect on their friendship.

23Bees Tattoos

These cute bees are a reminder that you and your BFF are nurturing, but definitely come with a stinger. So, if you and your girl look pretty on the outside, but are fierce on the inside, then choose this idea for your matching tattoo.

24Lightning Bolt Tattoos

These adorable little lightning bolts are a great choice if you and your BFF grew up on the love of Harry Potter. They are also a great reminder that you are stronger than you think, even if you are a quiet pair.

25Paper Airplanes Tattoos

These paper airplane tattoos are reminiscent of the days of passing notes in your middle school math class. If you and your girl have been friends forever, then choose this tattoo to ink on your skin.

26Friends Forever Tattoos

Tattoos that fit together are a bold choice for a BFF tattoo, because they are not complete unless you stay together! But, they are absolutely beautiful and a great choice for those friends who know they will stay BFFs forever.

27Ying And Yang Tattoos

The best of friends balance each other out. So, if your best friend is the calm to your storm and always makes you feel grounded, then you should definitely consider this beautiful and classy ying and yang tattoo design.

28Birds Tattoos

These beautiful string of birds are a beautifully wild choice for a best friend tattoo. Whether you love nature, feel like you fly in the same flock, or just really love the way it looks, this is a solid choice to commemorate your special friendship.

29We Got This Tattoos

This cute “we got this” tattoo design is a great idea for a design if you and your friend seem to always have it very well handled. This is for the pair that makes the hard work look easy and always deals with issues with pure ease and class.

30My Person Tattoos

It’s so nice to have a person in your life, like YOUR person. And, if your best friend is the one that makes you live every day and is the person you go to for everything, then definitely consider inking this one on your skin.

31Besties Love Tattoo

Are you three besties looking to get a tattoo? This is another heart shape tattoo that’s super cute and simple, a symbol for your friendship and love.


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