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Small Bird Tattoos for girls

Bird Tattoo Meaning and Designs

Bird tattoos are for everyone! Not just the nature or animal-lovers of the world. Bird tattoos are known for carrying deep meaning. So, that is why we compiled a list of bird tattoo designs that will fit any metaphor! So, get ready to get excited for your next tattoo. These designs will have you booking your appointment by the end of the day!

1Bird On Hand Tattoo

This beautiful bird design is the perfect accessory to your hand. Its spread wings will remind you of how far you can soar when you believe in yourself.

2Seagulls Tattoo

These three cute seagulls are ideal for the beach lover in you! If you crave the ocean even in the winter, then consider inking these nautical birds on you.

3Bird On Forearm Tattoo

This adorable forearm bird will feed any nature-lover’s soul. It is a beautiful bird design that will certainly get attention from anyone who sees it.

4Flock Of Birds Side Tattoo

Birds flying on your ribcage is a super cute and classy idea for a tattoo design. You can pick any bird you want to be featured in this spot. And, you can make it as large or as small as you’d like.

5Birds On Shoulder Tattoo

These small birds on the shoulder are a great idea for a tattoo. They can represent a number of things including friendship and family and they are easy to cover up if necessary!

6Hummingbird Tattoo

Hummingbirds are such beautiful creatures. And, if you decide to get a hummingbird tattooed on your body, it probably means something special to you! Consider this design!

7Dandelion Birds Back Tattoo

This whimsical tattoo features birds flying out and transforming from the seeds of a dandelion. This tattoo represents wishes and dreams and soaring your highest!

8Colorful Birds Hand Tattoo

Not all birds are black and white. Actually, most birds have pops of color. So, why not display that with your bird tattoo? Feel free to go a little wild.

9Family Of Birds Tattoo

This family of birds tattoo is ideal for someone who holds family very close to their heart. It is for the person that makes their family a priority every day.

10Hummingbird With Lavender Tattoo

This beautifully colored tattoo is a genuine nature-lover’s dream tat. It features beautiful, yet natural colors. And, the hummingbird amongst the lavender is totally serene.

11Songbird Tattoo

If you are a singer or a musician, then a songbird might be the right choice for your tattoo. There are so many ways you can do this design, but here is one of our favorites!

12Robin Tattoo

This simple Robin is a bird that is suited to fit everyone. He is the average Joe of birds, but that doesn’t make him any less special! He can still fly high!

13Three Little Birds Tattoo

This three little bird tattoo is a great one to make a tribute to you and your siblings. If you are three peas in a pod, then you should definitely consider rocking this one!

14Flower Bird Arm Tattoo

If you can’t decide which nature tattoo to get, a flower or a bird, then maybe you should just do both? This transformative flower is a unique design that is very easy on the eyes.

15Birds On Feet Tattoo

These colorful sister bird tattoos are beautiful additions to your feet. They will add a pop of color while spending your time barefoot on the beach!

16Fly Away Tattoo

This meaningful bird tattoo reminds you that it’s ok to fly away from toxic situations. No matter what they are! You have wings for a reason, girl, use them!

17Bird On Branch Tattoo

This bird tattoo is definitely for the girly girl. The pink flowers make it extra feminine and the bird is graceful and serene sitting on top of the branch.

18Bird Feather Tattoo

Sometimes, a feather is all you need. But, if you still want to incorporate a bird too, consider using this design which has birds flying from the end of the feather!

19Bird Pages Tattoo

Book-lovers will absolutely love this one! The birds flying from inside the pages remind us that stories and literature are alive and constantly make an impact on our lives.

20Behind The Ear Bird Tattoo

This cute sweet little bird is sending a kiss right behind the ear! This tattoo is the perfect one for someone who is a little tattoo shy but wants something meaningful and unique.

21Floral Bird Tattoo


22Freedom Tattoo


23Watercolor Bird Tattoo


24Uncaged Tattoo


25Painting Bird Tattoo


26Heart Bird Tattoo


27Let It Be Bird Tattoo


28Up The Spine Tattoo


29Bird With Daisy Tattoo


30Love Birds Tattoo


31Girl And Birds Tattoo


32Detailed Bird Tattoo


33Flamingo Tattoo


34Raven Tattoo


35Owl Tattoo


Bird tattoos are always a classy choice for an inked design. They carry deep meaning and they are great for people who want something nature-inspired and pure. That’s why our list contains a whole slew of different designs!

There are designs that contain specific birds such as owls, flamingos, and ravens. These tattoos all represent different things. Owls are old and wise creatures. Flamingos tend to be the life of the party, wild, and big! And, ravens are dark, mysterious, and intelligent.

Then there are bird tattoos that are super girly. Most of the designs have a pop of blush pink or some flowers to make the tattoo extra feminine. These are easily customizable too!

All of the bird tattoos are small enough to hide away if need be. They are dainty and cute. Some even fit on the back of the neck or behind the ear.

As a whole, these birds represent some big themes such as freedom, success, passion, and letting go. Never be afraid to fly away and spread your wings. You have all the potential in the world. And, these tattoos will definitely represent that.


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