Relationship Tattoos

Couple Tattoo

Relationship Tattoos

Relationship Tattoos or couple tattoos are the ultimate statement. It shows that a couple is loyal and in it for the long-run. But, deciding on a relationship tattoo is a BIG decision. And, it’s definitely not one to make spontaneously. So, here are some ideas for a couple tattoo. Hopefully, you will find one that is right for you and your boo.

1Unconditional Love Heart Tattoo

These matching heart tattoos are simple yet represent unconditional love. That is love that is never-ending and all-encompassing. It is love that never judges and never ceases to inspire you. This is for the couple who love each other wholly and completely and would never dream of changing each other.

2Piece Of Me

This is for the funny couple who happens to love pizza. I mean, who doesn’t? Not only is it sweet when your man shares his pizza, but it’s also sweet when he shares a “piece-za” himself with you.

3The King And Queen

The ultimate power couple would totally rock this king and queen crowns. This tattoo pairing represents royalty, status, and unity. And, what girl doesn’t like being treated like a queen?

4Anniversary Tattoo

By putting the anniversary on your ring finger, it is not only a reminder of the actual date (you’re welcome, boys!) but, it’s a reminder of why that date changed your life for the better. If you are someone who is extremely sentimental and enjoys anniversary celebrations, this is the tattoo for you.

5Initials Tattoo

An initial speaks a thousand words. By putting your lover’s initial on your body forever, you will be telling the world why you love them more than anyone else. It shows your dedication, loyalty, and the simplicity of your beautiful love for them.

6Bow And Arrow

The bow and arrow is definitely a cute tattoo to get for the lovers who are a little adventurous. It’s romantic, while having a bit of an edge. Bows and arrows work together, so this tattoo represents the ultimate teammates.

7Vows To Each Other

By tattooing vows on your arms, it will remind you what you are expected to do in your relationship. Not only is the intention of the vows sweet and meaningful, it will definitely remind you if you are not keeping up your side of the bargain. It will invite you to revaluate your actions and work to make things better.

8For The Power Couple

This is another one for the power couple as lion and lionesses are the kings and queens of the jungle. But, it is also one for animal lovers everywhere! The wonderful thing about this couple tattoo is that it doesn’t shout “relationship”, it has more of an underlying message. But, everyone will see that you have each other’s backs no matter what.

9For The Disney Lovers

Beauty and the Beast is a classic love story. And, maybe your story is similar. Or, maybe you’re just a super Disney fan. Either way, this relationship tattoo will definitely show the world that you are his and he is yours.

10Promise tattoo

This simple tattoo that says promise is super secretive, making it super romantic. Every relationship duo has made promises to each other, and without saying them to the world, you can get them tattooed on your body forever with this couple’s tattoo. How romantic is that?

11Smileys tattoo

This tattoo is for the silly couple who doesn’t take themselves too seriously. They enjoy each other’s company, they laugh a lot, and their love is quite simple. I mean, come on, it takes a special kind of couple to tattoo stick figure smileys on their fingers.

12Northern Lights Matching Relationship Tattoos

A full painting tattoo, such as the one above shows that you are truly dedicated to each other for life. I mean, there is no covering up this tattoo if you break up. So, make sure this bae is the one before inking your skin. And, if he is, this will be a beautiful tribute to your love.

13Never Hold Me Down

This saying is the key to a happy relationship. It is all about teamwork and freedom for personal growth, as well as growth in the relationship. This tattoo is perfect for the nautical couple or a traveling couple who knows the dynamic of a successful relationship.

14You Are Enough

Being “enough” for someone is vital to feeling secure in a relationship. And, it doesn’t hurt to have a constant reminder that you are special to your bae. This tattoo is perfect for that couple who can be anywhere with each other and be happy, because they are all they need.


It’s no secret that relationships are hard and that people come with baggage. But, a true soulmate will accept and cherish every part of their partner. All of the good and all of the bad. This tattoo is a great reminder to those partners who feel like they’re a little too much sometimes. It will remind you that you’re just perfect for your partner.

16Key To My Heart Love Symbol Tattoo

This classic symbol is perfect for those couples who love a vintagey vibe with their tattoos. Giving your lover the key to your heart is the ultimate gift because you’re making the statement that no other keys fit and that they have successfully opened you up to love.

17Guardian Angel

Being called an angel is a sweet reminder that you bring joy and light into your man’s life. And, when he is your guardian, there to protect you, you feel like you’re the perfect match. This tattoo is dedicated to those “guardian angel” couples who know what they have to offer each other.

18Soulmate tattoo

The simple phrase “soulmate” is a great tattoo to get for people who think that fate has brought them together. Some souls feel familiar to us, and like we were always meant to connect. Never doubt that feeling. Embrace it and celebrate it with this simple relationship tattoo.

19We Got This

There are some couples that go through rough times. Or, even some couples who are doubted by the outside world. By tattooing the simple phrase “we got this” on your bodies, you will be reminding yourself and the world the obstacles you have overcome to be together. Also, it shows that your love has the strength to get through anything life may throw at you.

20Arrow To My Heart

This cute heart arrow is not only absolutely adorable, it is perfect for the couple who believes that actions speak louder than words. This couple knows that words only go so far. And, what really matters is the way they treat each other on a daily basis.

21My Heart Beats For You

Heartbeats are romantic, but also very raw. This couple tattoo symbolizes giving your whole life to your boo. By tattooing this on your skin, you are stating that your lover is the reason that you’re still breathing. That’s powerful.


This tattoo is perfect for the couple that believes that love goes on long after life. Love is infinite. And, true soulmates will meet each other in other lives to continue their journey. There is no end to this couple’s love.

23Song Inspired tattoo

A song inspired tattoo is ideal for the music lovers. Picking a song quote to get a tattoo of together is special because it is unique and strikes a certain chord in your hearts. Finding a song to represent your relationship in a tattoo will be a constant reminder to you why this love is special.

24Minnie And Mickey tattoos

To all the Disney lovers out there, this is a classic tattoo. Minnie and Mickey are the ultimate cutest couple and there love is simple and pure. So, if you can relate to this sweet mouse duo, here is a great choice for a couple’s tattoo.

25You Are Everything To Me

This tattoo states that your lover is everything to you. They are your universe; your sun, your moon, your stars, everything you need to live and everything surrounding you. Can it get more romantic than that?

26Mrs And Mr tattoo

This adorable tattoo is perfect for the newlyweds who are still thriving off the adrenaline of their wedding. Keep the celebration going by getting “Mrs” and “Mr” tattooed on your ring fingers. Not only is it damn cute, it will be a great replacement if you ever lose your wedding ring! But, let’s hope that never happens.

27Reaching Hands

Hands are a beautiful and raw way to express your love through a tattoo. It is also an idea tattoo for an art lover. These hands represent desire, teamwork, and reaching towards each other and the future.

28Compass tattoo

These compass couple tattoo’s are perfect for the traveling couple. They represent that no matter how far apart this couple may be from each other, that their hearts are always together. And, that you can always come home to their heart.

29Always On My Mind

These tattoos are a big statement and a reminder that no matter what happens and no matter how much distance is between you, your relationship will remain strong.

30To the moon and back tattoo

Sharing together a quote that represents and shows how much you love each other makes a for a super cute and meaningful tattoo.

31Matching vow tattoo

If you’re getting married soon and want to get a matching tattoo, a vow or a special quote from your wedding ceremony might be a great idea.

32Her One His Only Couple Tattoo

Another cute and special his and her tattoo if you’ve decided to tie the knot!

33Faith Hope Love Tattoo

A super cute and romantic matching tattoo that will looks great on both of you.


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