Tattoo Quotes For Girls

Tattoo Quotes For Girls

Cute And Small Quote Tattoos For Girls

Are you looking to add a cute and small quote tattoo to your tattoo collection? Or, are you getting tatted for the first time and think a cute quote would be the perfect design for you? Either way, this compilation of cute and small quote tattoos will have your mind racing with possibilities for your next tattoo design. Get your credit card ready!

1Come What May Tattoo

“Come What May” is such a simple small tattoo, but it speaks volumes. It says that no matter what comes your way, you can handle it with grace, bravery, and strength. You’ve got this, girl! Life isn’t a challenge for you.

2Everything Happens Arm Tattoo

This small quote, “everything happens for a reason” will be a constant reminder to look at life with a new perspective during difficult times. By changing your perspective, you will have a much more positive life and you will be able to conquer anything.

3Fearful Of The Night Quote Tattoo

This cute and small poetic quote is the perfect addition to your tattoo collection if you are the girl that sees the positives in life. Fear has nothing on you, girl. Keep pushing through all the scary stuff until you reach your dreams!

4Feel The Fear Tattoo

This small and cute quote, “feel the fear and do it anyway” will work as a reminder to conquer your anxieties and go for the gold. Fear only holds us back in life. Don’t let it take over.

5Die With Memories Hand Tattoo

It’s important to remember to seize every opportunity when it comes to chasing your dreams. It is much better to die with memories of the things you have accomplished than to die with unfinished dreams.

6Broken Look Beautiful Hip Tattoo

This cute quote is perfect for the girl who has been through hell and still looks like an angel. She walks and talks with grace and is always in control of her life. She makes it look easy to the people around her.

7Let It Be Side Tattoo

This classic small and cute song quote, “let it be” is an ideal quote tattoo design for anyone who needs to be reminded of acceptance. Sometimes there are things we can’t change in life, so it’s better to just let them be.

8See The Stars Quote Tattoo

It’s important to remember to think of the light at the end of the tunnel when going through a hard time in life. And, that’s exactly what this quote is saying. If there were no dark times, light times would seem much more unsatisfying. Life is about balance.

9All That I Am Back Tattoo

Family means a lot to a lot of people. And, that is why this tattoo quote is perfect for the girl whose family means the world to her. It is a great dedication and oh so cute!

10No Rain No Flowers

Without rain there would be no flowers. And, in life without hard times, there would be no good times. So, embrace the rain when it hits and at the end remember that flowers will grow.

11Thought To Be Insane Tattoo

This cute and unique quote is a reminder that it’s ok to be a little different. Some people might not completely understand you, but that’s ok- if you’re happy and healthy, that’s all that should matter!

12You Are Braver Pooh The Bear Tattoo

A confidence boost is always nice. And, this tattoo works as a daily affirmation that will leave you glowing every time you look at it. You are enough, so never doubt yourself!

13Free Soul Arm Tattoo

This cute and small quote tattoo says, “free soul” and it is perfect for the free-loving hippy looking to make a statement. If you are a wandering lover of nature and all things spiritual, then this is the design for you.

14The Little Things Quote Tattoo

“Enjoy the little things” is such a powerful quote that would look oh so cute on your skin! It tells us to stop worrying about the big things, the future plans, and the stressors of life and focus on living in the moment.

15I may Not Built To Break Tattoo

This cute and small tattoo quote is perfect for the girl who knows how to be strong when it’s necessary. If you do break under the pressures of life, this tattoo will remind you to build yourself up again.

16So She Did Side Tattoo

There is a definite power in believing in yourself and this tattoo will help you remember that. If you believe you can, then you can. You will always succeed if you have the confidence inside of you. Confidence is power.

17Be Kind Girly Tattoo

Two important things in life to remember is to have courage and be kind. And, that is why this tattoo is the perfect addition to any girl’s tattoo collection. Get ready for the ink!

18In The End Hand Tattoo

Everyone has a story. And, as we are in the process making our own stories, it’s important to remember to make them good. We all want to be remembered in a good way, so always try hard and be the best you that you can be!

19Love Is Everything Tattoo

This small and cute quote reminds us of the power of love. If love is really in your life, then it will be everything in your life. Nothing is stronger than true love.

20I Am Enough Wrist Tattoo

Sometimes it is hard to remember that you are enough. But, you are! There is no need in trying to be someone you are not because then you are just being untrue to yourself. Embrace all that is you!

21Live Without Regrets Tattoo


22Dance In The Rain Quote Tattoo


23Keep Moving Forward


24Give Tattoo


25Walk Through Hell


26Be Here Now Tattoo




28Let It Hurt


29Love Yourself First Tattoo


30Save Yourself Back Tattoo


31Scars We Choose Tattoo


32Still I Rise Rib Tattoo


33Stand Up Quote Tattoo


34Mind Over Matter Tattoo


35Stay Wild Tattoo


36We’re All Mad Here Tattoo


37Create Yourself Minimalist Tattoo


38Without Fear Quote Tattoo


39Never Too Late Tattoo


40Love Me Tattoo


41Thigh wedding song tattoo


42Handwritten quote tattoo on arm


43Dreamer Girl Hand Tattoo


44Faith tattoo


45Do Not Fear rib tattoo


46Beautiful girl hashtag tattoo


47True Love Will Survive Quote Tattoo


48Heart Shaped Kisses Tattoo


49Matching Quote tattoo


50vous etes votre seule limite


51Collar bone quote tattoo


52Curiosity leads to trouble


53Faith Hope Love Tattoo


54Side Back Phrase Tattoo


55You Keep Me Safe/Wild Matching tattoos


56Here now wrist tattoo


57Do what you love tattoo


58Keep Moving Forward Quote


These cute and small quote tattoo designs are the perfect addition to any girl’s tattoo collection. There are so many messages to choose from, so there is sure to be something ideal for any type of girl. All the quotes are heartfelt and beautiful and showcase an idea that is true, honest, and moral.

There are many quotes about being brave and strong, which is something that everyone can benefit from. Being strong in hard situations throughout your life will only make you stronger. Some tattoo quote designs remind us that it is ok to break sometimes, as long as we build ourselves back up.

Other quotes have to do with the power of love and kindness which is a different kind of strength altogether. You will live a much more positive life if you remain kind and gentle during tough situations. And, people will see you as someone who makes others feel good, which is a trait we should all strive for.

Then there quotes that talk about being different and being yourself. Being completely totally unapologetically you is a quality that will definitely improve your quality of life. And, other people will certainly admire you for being so independent and confident when it comes to your preferences and choices in life.

So, no matter draws your eye on this list or what makes your heart feel warm, know that whatever design you choose will be perfect for you!


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