Tiny Tattoos For Girls

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25 Tiny Tattoos For Girls

At some point in every girl’s life, the idea of getting a tattoo pops into her head. Tattoos are a beautiful way to express yourself, your beliefs, your hobbies, your personality, or even to honor someone loved or someone lost. Getting a full out sleeve on your arm might not be a great first step, however, Going for something small and meaningful might be the best option for first-timers before going all out. It’s important to make sure this is something you are comfortable doing and having on your skin for the rest of your life. That’s the exact reason we have created this list of tiny tattoo ideas for girls, to help you experiment with expression in a way that won’t be regretted.

1Tiny Stars Tattoos

The meaning behind a star tattoo depends on the type of star and the number of points the star has. A star tattoo can signify a hope to being a star, or a goal to reach for the stars or to achieve high goals.

2The Semicolon

In writing, a semicolon is used when you still have something else to say, when you aren’t finished with the sentence. This is a beautiful, meaningful tattoo. If you are a writer this one could speak to you on so many levels.

3Cute Small Tattoos for Girls – The Tiny Heart

If you are especially nervous about getting a tattoo and you’re looking for cute girl tattoos, this is perfect! A tiny heart is small enough that hardly anyone will notice and you do not have to have a significant meaning to go with a heart. The great thing about this small tattoo is that you could get it ANYWHERE; Behind your ear, on the back of your neck, on your shoulder, or anywhere else that you choose.

4Free Spirit Cute tattoos for Girls – A Bird

You are a free spirit who flies by the beat of her own wings and you need a tiny tattoo that says that. It’s a beautiful symbol even without meaning. Birds are popular in graphic design and just about every other type of design, and frankly, they will never go out of style.

5Unique Beautiful Tattoos: The World

The implied meaning of this tattoo is beautiful. It shows that you are a traveler, a wanderer, a free living nomad. A fun idea might even be to only add a continent when you’ve traveled there. Or maybe fill in a continent when you’ve been there. This would be the ultimate free spirit map, you don’t even need a wall to hang a map to keep track on where you’ve been.

6A Feather

If you are extremely on-the-fence about getting a tattoo, a white tattoo would be a great option. White tattoos aren’t noticeable unless you are looking for them. Feathers are really in right now as well as well, because they float where ever the wind takes them. They are beautiful and each one is unique. They also have a symbolic meanings in different cultures: In Christianity feathers represented virtuesIn the Native American Indian culture they express celestial wisdom and represent the power of the thunder gods. Also in the Egyptian culture feather represented the sky gods. Other symbol meaning of feathers: Ascension, Flight, Speed, Truth and Lightness.

7A Paper Airplane

The paper airplane represents the day dreamer. The kid that was smarter than the teacher, but labeled “distracted” on the notes home to his mom. That kid was going places, he just didn’t know it yet. Be the day dreamer who knows no limits and who is easy going and free spirited.

8Cute Little Penguin Tattoo

This simple outline is perfect for those who don’t want to go all out. Penguins are just adorable little creatures that love to stay in their colony. The cool thing about penguins is that they rely on their colony to stay alive and warm, and that both the mom and dad help raise the egg. These animals are close to their “family,” their colony is their livelihood and a penguin tattoo can symbolizes your strong connection to you family/community or your love for cute penguins.

9Infinity Tattoos

The infinity tattoo symbol in this location is incredibly sexy. The infinity sign has been super popular in the last few years, but it is a symbol that will never go out of style. It can mean you will never run out of love, power, happiness, laughter, or whatever word or words that may describe you better. You can also add the word you choose in cursive into the infinity sign if you decide to get a tattoo that is a little bigger.

10Simple Tattoos: A Seahorse

There are lots of ocean waves, dolphins, and clown fish tattoos. If you are a lover of the ocean, but also a lover of style, then the seahorse is the animal for you! On the neck just below the hairline is a great location as well because it can be easily hidden if needed.

11Music Note Tattoo

This is obviously for music enthusiasts. If you’re a singer, or you play a guitar or other music instrument, or you simply love music and its a big part o your life, then music notes are the best option for you. Having a line of music on your arm that only you and other music lovers can read would be so amazingly cool and could serve as a great conversation starter for like minded people.

12Tiny Cool Tattoos for Girls: Something Abstract

Get something that is just pretty! Symmetric things are so appealing to the eye and this is just one example of how beautiful simple abstract designs can be. This is also just one example of a location on your body. Consider getting something simple running vertically up the outside of your calf, or even something simple on your foot.

13Horseshoe Tattoos

The saying goes that a horseshoe with the opening pointed up is lucky. The idea of consistently carrying around something that means luck could help you be confident and stay confident. If you are into horses as well this is a very cute simple way to show it.

14A Flock

This is perfect for those of you who get your energy from being around your family, friends, or just any group of people. Extroverts thrive on being around people and a flock of birds is the perfect way to show that. The cool thing about birds is that they fly on their own, but choose to fly in groups to get to where they are going.

15A Piece of Paradise: Palm Tattoos

This is very surfer and chic, it isn’t girly, it’s slim, simple, and shows your love for the beach. We love this tattoo’s location on the ankle. It gives the allusion that you are something much bigger than where you are, and that you will always be something much more than your surroundings.

16Your Spirit Animal Tattoo

Sloths are super popular tattoos right now and this tattoo is cute and amazing. Talk about a conversation starter. If you sleep all day and like to move slowly in whatever you are doing, a sloth is your spirit animal. If you have a different spirit animal in mind, go for it.

17A Deer Tattoo

This is a super subtle way to show your country side! Deer heads are being printed in T-shirts on glitter and are even all over home decor stores. If you spend a lot of time outdoors, if you are a nature lover, or enjoy hunting or fishing this is a great tattoo for you.

18Cross Tattoos for Women

This has been popular behind the ear and on the back of the neck. Getting small meaningful tattoos on the wrist has been becoming more and more popular. The cross is a great way to show your faith or serve as a reminder to you that your faith is the most important thing in your life.

19An Arrow To Go With Your Bow

Yes the bow on your head because you are a girly girl… there’s nothing wrong with wanting to get a tattoo when you are girly! Tattoos are about expression, and an arrow to go with your bow is a super cute idea. Arrows are everywhere right now and are most likely not going anywhere.

20A Short Word

Love, hope, faith, luck, cats, coffee, dream, goals.. or whatever other four or five letter word that speaks to you. This location is a great idea because you would see it everyday all day and has the opportunity to be a great motivator.

21Your Favorite Animal

The simplest tattoos can speak volumes. If you are an animal advocate, a simple animal tattoo is perfect. An important thing is to remember is, “would I be okay with my children naming the animal on my body someday.” Because it will happen! But letting your kids name your tattoo could make it so much more meaningful.

22Quote Tattoos for Girls

We have already talked about short words, so lets talk about long words now. Victoria Beckham has a longer saying straight down her spine and it is one of the sexiest tattoos known to man. It is a perfect location for a longer saying and quotes because it looks simple and you can cover it with your hair when needed.

23Due North Girl Tattoos

To keep you pointed in the right direction! This can point you home, to your goals, to your dreams, to the love of your life, to your family. North can be what ever you want it to be.

24Your Animal

Being able to take your pet with you wherever you go would be great, but unfortunately bosses and professors don’t like having animals in their offices or class rooms. Getting a tattoo of your first pet or your favorite pet will ensure that they will always be close to your heart.

25Love me more tattoo

If you want to make a statement with your tattoo, or use a quote that has a special meaning to you, this cute tattoo idea with a small heart shape at the end looks really beautiful placed just above the ankle.

26Pretty Tattoos: Permanent Jewelry

Something fashionable, classic, and that you will never get tired of wearing. Women now are getting eyeliner tattooed on, and jewelry sounds like an even better idea.

27Space Tattoo

If you like astronomy or tattoo designs with planets, this will make a super cute and meaningful tattoo.

28Geometric Animal

Another tiny animal tattoo using a geometric shape. This geometric turtle tattoo is simple yet so unique.

29Rainbow tattoo

A rainbow is a symbol of something magical, colorful full of life, and harmonious ( Yin and yang in Chinese philosophy).

30Tiny lightning bolt tattoo

Are you a Harry Potter fan? This cute and tiny lightning bolt tattoo will look great on the ankle or te wrist.

31Travel love tattoo

Another super cute travel tattoo for all you wanderlusters out there.

32Tiny magical Harry Potter

Another fabulous tiny tattoo for all the Harry Potter fans, or simply if you want to get a cute stars tattoo.

33Sun and Moon

A sun and a moon in one tattoo can symbolize the cirlcle of life. A sun alone symbolizes strenght and rebirth, while a moon tattoo symbolizes female charachtaristics, and Goddess in some cultures.

34BFF tiny tattoo

Want to get a super cute and tiny tattoo with you bff?? Heart tattoo is not only super sweet but subtle with so much meaning.

35Middle back Moon and sun

Another beautiful sun and moon tattoo!

36Statement tattoo

Ths subtle tattoo ideas is great if you want to make a short and sweet statement with your new ink.

37Tiny Love

This lovely eyecatching tattoo will look great anywhere you choose; on your wrist, ankle, collar bone etc.


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