Wedding Ring Tattoos

Wedding Tattoos

Wedding Ring Tattoos

Wedding ring tattoos are all the rage right now. And, they are definitely a guarantee that you won’t lose yours! So, if you are your husband are done to get inked, here are some super cute and meaningful tattoos that will save some money and also seal your bond forever. A tattoo is much easier to take off than a ring, not that you and your forever boo need to worry about that!

1Branches Tattoos

These branch ring tattoos are perfect for the couple who is all about nature. They are simple, yet represent the universal connection between body, spirit, and the natural world.

2Bow Tattoos

If you think your marriage is truly a gift than this bow ring tattoos will definitely represent that. Not only are they simple and cute, it’s perfect for the girly-girl who loves her hubby as much as a new puppy on Christmas. Marriage should be considered a blessing every day and this tattoo will surely remind you of that.

3Heart Chain Tattoos

Chains are tough and hard to break, just like a well-formed love. So, by inking these heart chains on your fingers you will be reminded of the strength you have together. Each line represents one another and the chain you create as a team.

4Wedding Date Tattoos

This wedding date tattoo will guarantee that your husband will never forget your anniversary…or, at least we hope so! These tattoos are a great commemoration to the most important day of your lives.

5Braided Rope Tattoos

This unique braided rope wedding ring tattoo design is a beautiful sentiment to your love. The strong braided design is a constant reminder of how you together you have more strength than individually. And, there is no breaking away from this bond.

6Roman Numerals Tattoos

The roman numerals tattoo design to represent the date of your wedding is for the literary or history nerds, for sure! Roman numerals have a very intellectual and classy appearance, so if you and your bae love to be elitists, opt for this wedding date tattoo over traditional numbers.

7Heart Initials Tattoos

Inking your partner’s initial on your ring finger alongside yours is the perfect commemoration to your newly formed bond. It’s a sweet reminder that your person is always with you and that you don’t have anything to worry about. It also is a great way of showing the world that you are taken!

8Double Line Tattoos

The double line for a wedding tattoo design is a strong representation of the fact that you are not alone anymore. It symbolizes your bond, as well as serves as a constant reminder that you must keep that other person in mind when making decisions. Marriage has a great deal of compromising and sacrifices, but, hey, true love is worth the battle!

9Single Line Tattoos

This single line wedding tattoo design is perfect for the couple that likes to keep things simple. It is for that easy-love, waking up late on a Sunday morning kind of relationship. So, if you and your baby enjoy taking it easy and relaxing together without all the materialistic fuss, this tattoo is for you.

10Celtic Knot Tattoos

A Celtic knot tattoo is wonderful for a couple that shares Celtic roots. It also looks absolutely stunning and can be done with white ink, as shown above for a more naturalistic look. This design is classy and will definitely be the envy of everyone’s eye.

11Arrows Tattoos

Arrows are always super romantic when incorporated into wedding ring tattoos because it represents that wherever the world takes you and your partner, you will be together. You will always be traveling in the right direction, as long as you stay together.

12King Triton Tattoos

These adorable King Triton and heart of the ocean wedding ring tattoo designs are perfect for the nautical couple. This is for the couple who understands how deep their love goes. Bonus points if you have a beach wedding ceremony!

13Half Heart Tattoos

This simple half-heart wedding ring tattoo designs are perfect for the couple who believes they complete each other. By putting them on the bottom of your fingers rather than the front, they complete each other when you lace your fingers together. It also conceals it from the public eye if you are not one for tattoos, or don’t want your love publicly displayed.

14Waves Tattoos

This wavy wedding tattoo design is for the couple that understands that life has its ups and downs. But, there is no doubt that the couple that has this tattoo will stay together no matter what unpredictabilities life throws at them.

15Initial Heart Tattoos

This simple lover’s initial in a heart is a great way to remind yourself of your one true love. Hidden on the underside of the finger, it sits as a reminder just for you to commemorate your special love with you partner.

16Diamond Tattoo

There is no doubt that diamonds are a girl’s best friend. So, if you are a girl that can’t seem to give up the idea of having one dazzling on her ring finger, then this is the tattoo design for you. Sure, it may not be worth as much, but it will surely last forever!

17King And Queen Tattoos

Power couples are ultimate #RelationshipGoals. So, if you are a queen with a very special king, then consider this king and queen card suit-inspired wedding ring tattoo design. Everyone who sees it will know who’s in charge!

18Cross Tattoos

The couple’s cross tattoo are a great choice for a wedding ring design. Especially, if the couple’s relationship started through faith or religion, or is simply deeply rooted in that spiritual connection.

19Forest Tattoos

This forest wedding wing tattoo design is a favorite for couples that love nature and understand the connection between man and earth. It’s for the couples that enjoy hiking in the woods, sitting next to a campfire, or looking at the stars.

20Two Rings Tattoos

These two ring tattoos are a little different because they are not located on the ring finger. This is for the couple that maybe wants to keep the traditional rings, but want everyone to know that marriage is a big part of who they are. The entanglement of the rings represents the forever bond of marriage.

21Tribal Tattoos

These tribal style wedding ring designs are a great choice for the spiritual bohemian couple. So, if you and your guy love to enjoy some folk music and a good meditation session together, this might be your design!

22His And Hers Tattoos

It’s not always a bad thing to belong to somebody if you are being loved in a very free way. So, these His and Her tattoos are a great way to show how much you love being your significant other’s partner.

23Floral Tattoos

This floral band around the finger is a not only super girly and adorable, it also is a reminder that love is ever growing. These flowers, like your marriage, surely won’t die, so why not ink them on your finger to represent a love that is always growing in strength? Just reminder, flowers, like marriages, must be nurtured and tended to.

24Infinity Tattoos

This infinity symbols with each other’s initials on them represent that your love will go on forever. It’s a simple but sweet way to commemorate the unbreakable bond you created with each other.

25Mountains Tattoos

Mountains, in a general sense, are a symbol of a steep climb to the peak, the climax of life, and the struggle it takes to get there. So, if you and your guy made it through tough times but are now experiencing the best life has to offer, then this is the tattoo for you.

26Always And Forever Tattoos

Always and forever wedding ring tattoo designs are a beautiful sentiment to your special bond. They are there as a daily reminder that you always have someone, so the little stresses in life really don’t matter. What matters is your connection and love for each other.

27Simple Dots Tattoos

These three simple dots as a wedding ring tattoo design are a classy choice for the minimalistic couple. It’s also a great first tattoo for any couple, as it’s small and not at all flashy!

28XO Tattoos

These X and O tattoos are super adorable, and a little out of the ordinary for a wedding ring design, because they are on the wrist. But, these stylish tattoos are definitely a simple statement of love and hug and kisses for eternity!

29Compass Tattoos

Compass wedding ring design tattoos are always a hit. They represent that no matter where you go, you will always be with each other. This is perfect for partners that travel a lot for work. It is also ideal for the couple who loves to travel together!

30I Love You Tattoos

This tattoo pairing is unique and sweet. And, it can be done with any phrase and response that is said often in your relationship. The ability to personalize this tattoo to mirror your relationship dynamic is what makes this design so special! So, get brainstorming with your partner, what do you say to each other all the time?


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