Women Tattoos with Meaning

Tattoos with Meaning

Meaningful Tattoos for Women

While some people get tattoos simply because they like the look of inked skin, most people choose to get tattoos that have symbolic meaning so they have a permanent reminder of something important to them. In order to help you find some inspiration for your tattoo with meaning, we have compiled a list of some gorgeous examples of tattoos that fit into the most popular categories of symbolic tattoos. There are a lot of factors to consider when getting a tattoo, including your pain tolerance and the impact that having a tattoo could have on people’s perceptions of you. While you should definitely do what feels right for you, keep in mind that some professions do not have tolerance for body art so you should consider any possible negative side effects of getting a tattoo. Having said that, tattoos can be a great way to express yourself and can be an important emotional milestone for many people so you should go for it if it is important to you! Carefully choosing the inking that will remain on your skin for the rest of your life is important, so we hope this list helps you find a tattoo that feels right for you!

1Lion Tattoo

Why this is a meaningful tattoo: Lions have always represented strength and dignity. They are powerful, majestic creatures who stand up for themselves and for the people who are close to them. A lion tattoo is the perfect way to represent strength, whether you want to symbolize the fact that you’ve gone through a significant personal struggle or you just want to remind yourself to always be strong. Although a large detailed lion tattoo makes a gorgeous statement, you can also pursue other styles that are smaller and more minimalist. The back is a great place to have a lion tattoo since the back could represent carrying strength, but the chest or wrist would also be a great place for a lion tattoo. Both the wrist and chest are associated with blood, and these placements could represent the strength that runs through your blood.

2“Strength” Script Tattoo

Why this is a meaningful tattoo: While some girls might want a tattoo that represents strength in an abstract way, another great way to represent strength is having a simple tattoo with the word itself! Choosing a meaningful keyword like “strength” or “dignity” or “perseverance” and inking the word in a beautiful script is a simple, but impactful way to communicate the value that is most important to you. Although you should get your tattoo wherever feels right for you, we think that tattoos with words look gorgeous on the wrist, along your ribcage, your ankle, and also look awesome on your neck!

3Strength Quote Tattoo

Why this is a meaningful tattoo: There are a lot of great quotes about strength, so another way to represent strength is choosing a meaningful quote that reminds you that you are strong and that you want to continue being strong. This particular example uses the quote “destroy what destroys you.” Although there are a lot of great strength quotes out there, we love this phrase because it is simple and powerful. Simple quotes that inspire you to be your best self every day are a great choice if you are looking for a meaningful tattoo!

4Anchor Tattoo

Why this is a meaningful tattoo: Anchors symbolize stability and power. Physical anchors are used to connect boats to land so that they don’t drift away. In a symbolic sense, anchors represent being strong enough to stay true to your fundamental self and that you refuse to lose yourself by drifting away from your core values. Anchor tattoos are super cute and are the perfect choice if you want a meaningful tattoo that represents strength. Although you can get an anchor tattoo at any size, we think anchor tattoos look amazing when they are small. Awesome places to get a small anchor tattoo include the underside of the wrist, behind the ear, on the neck, or near the shoulders.

5Chinese Symbol for Inner Strength

Why this is a meaningful tattoo: Using Chinese symbols is a very popular way to represent core values in a tattoo. This particular tattoo uses symbols that represent “inner strength,” but you could also choose to have an even simpler design by just inking the symbol for strength in general. A lot of girls like the idea of using a symbol with a meaning that might not be obvious. Although you will probably get questions asking what the symbol means, it can be fun to know that your tattoo is mysterious!

6Flying Birds Tattoo

Why this is a meaningful tattoo: Birds often represent freedom, but they are also often used to represent the idea of hope for the future. Birds are definitely free to roam, but they are also predictable in the sense that they have seasonal migrations. In this way, birds are hopeful, because they are representative of the idea that no matter what happens, their life has order and meaning. Birds aren’t tied down, but they are consistent; this message is very conducive with the idea of “hope” because the idea that you are free, but also on track, is very hopeful and inspiring. Bird tattoos are very popular and come in many forms, but one of our favorite styles is simple black birds. The birds aren’t very detailed, but this tattoo definitely has robust meaning!

7Colorful Origami Birds Tattoo

Why this is a meaningful tattoo: We just talked a lot about the symbolism of birds and how they represent hope, so this is another example of an awesome bird tattoo. We love this colorful origami birds tattoo because it is simultaneously bold, but also elegant. This is the perfect hope tattoo if you want to ink something on your skin that is more creative and bright than the simple black bird tattoos that are more common.

8Hope Quote Tattoo

Why this is a meaningful tattoo: We love quote tattoos, so we are huge fans of this simple quote about hope. This particular quote uses the words “there is always hope” in a pretty and casual handwritten script. Quote tattoos look awesome in a lot of places, but we especially love quote tattoos when they are inked near the collarbones, on the neck, on the wrist, and near the ribcage.

9Hope Lettering Tattoo

Why this is a meaningful tattoo: This tattoo is minimalist, but also very unique. We love the finger tattoo look and also a tattoo of putting individual letters on each finger. Although you can tattoo the outside of the fingers instead of the inside, we think it looks awesome to have the letters on the inside of the fingers. With the letters for hope tattooed to the inside of your fingers, you can think about the fact that every time you touch something or pick something up, you are touching it with hope!

10Infinity Symbol Tattoo

Why this is a meaningful tattoo: Infinity symbols are a great way to represent hope because the infinity sign symbolizes the idea of future and infinite possibilities. Although infinity tattoos are fairly common, there are a lot of ways to add a bit of creativity and put a personal twist on the design. For example, you could incorporate a word into the infinity sign. We love this example because it incorporates a “life” symbol into the infinity sign shape.

11Sisterhood Tattoo

Why this is a meaningful tattoo: Some of the best tattoos to represent sisterhood comes in pairs! Choose a shape that you and your sister love and think is representative of your relationship. You could choose classic symbolic shapes like an infinity sign or a bird, but you could also design something yourselves which would make the tattoo even more special.

12Best Friend Tattoo

Why this is a meaningful tattoo: This puzzle piece tattoo is the perfect way to represent that you feel like you are not complete without your best friend. Not only are you not complete without your best friend, but you also complete each other perfectly! We especially love this puzzle piece tattoo because it incorporates a key and lock as well. The addition of the lock and key to the puzzle piece represents the idea that you each complete each other and that this bond is secure and unbreakable!

13Heart + Infinity Symbol Tattoo

Why this is a meaningful tattoo: This simple tattoo is a stunning, yet minimalist, way to represent the idea of eternal love, or living a life that is infinitely filled with love. This is a great tattoo to get if you have found your special someone, but it is also great if you just generally feel like love is a fundamental value in your life. We love the placement of this tattoo on the hand because, symbolically, everything you touch will be touched with love! This is also an awesome tattoo to get with someone who you know that you will love forever, and will love you forever.

14Heart With “Love” Tattoo

Why this is a meaningful tattoo: This tattoo is gorgeous and cleverly integrates the word love into the shape of a heart. Although heart tattoos can be cliché, this design is unique, creative, and looks very elegant. This tattoo design is versatile because it would look great in large or small sizes. We love this tattoo placed on the ribcage, but it would look good on a variety of other places as well!

15You + Me Infinity Symbol Tattoo

Why this is a meaningful tattoo: Although we think couples tattoos should only be done if you are 100% positive that you two will stay together forever, they are undeniably romantic and sweet. This simple design incorporates the words “you” and “me” into the infinity symbol shape. This tattoo represents the idea of forever love, and it would be super romantic to get with your partner!

16Anniversary Date In Roman Numerals Tattoo

Why this is a meaningful tattoo: Even if you two have rings to commemorate your relationship, getting a tattoo of your anniversary date on your ring finger is super romantic. Roman numerals are a classic and elegant way to represent dates, but you could also use standard numbers as well, or tattoo each other’s names on your respective ring fingers.

17Lock and Key With Love Quote Tattoo

Why this is a meaningful tattoo: Lock and key tattoos are a great way to symbolize love. This tattoo has a bow on the key which is shaped like a heart, and contains the words “follow your heart.” This tattoo is representative of the idea that the key to your heart is a prized possession and that you should always follow your heart and stay true to yourself. When it comes to love, no one knows what you want better than you, so you should never be afraid to pursue what makes your heart feel full!

As you can see from this list, there is not a shortage of ideas to inspire you as you hunt for a symbolic tattoo! All of the designs that we have featured on this list are beautiful, but don’t forget that there are many other awesome designs that we didn’t have space to include here on this list! Remember, a tattoo is intended to last for the rest of your life, so there is no harm in taking time to decide on the perfect design for you. If you are ready to get your tattoo, make sure that you are prepared to understand the healing process and know how to take care of your inking to avoid infection and messing up the design. Having said that, we hope you enjoyed this list and were able to find something that inspires you as you decide on the perfect tattoo with meaning for yourself!


  1. It’s amazing how you mentioned that using the actual word “strength” instead of a visual abstraction of the word could be a viable option for a tattoo. I’ve been holding off my appointment in a tattoo parlor because I’m still unsure which tattoo to get. But after reading this article, I think I’d embrace my passion as a novelist and get a tattoo of my favorite word.


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