35 Side Tattoos For Girls

Side tattoos for girls

35 Side Tattoos For Girls

There’s something that’s just so fun, flirty, and simply irresistible about a cute little side tattoo. Your side is one of the best options for placing a tattoo… they’re hidden under most tops but mesmerizing under a tank or swimsuit. Whether it’s something you have tucked close to your arm, or something that’s lower and wraps around your body, simply can’t go wrong with those designs on the side. Here is a list of some of the best designs, from the simple and sweet to intricate and fancy… with everything in between.

1Elephant Watercolor Tattoo

Strength, dignity, power, good luck… there are so many things an elephant tattoo can symbolize. All those things and more can be seen in this beautiful watercolor tattoo which looks simply incredible.

2Budding Flower Tattoo

Budding flowers hold to much promise. A tattoo such as this represents inner beauty, and a focus on what lies within. There’s something so delicate and sweet about this side tattoo depicting a flower in multiple stages of budding. Simple and sweet, nothing could be better than that.

3Geometric Lotus Tattoo

People who practice yoga hold lotus flowers in high regard, and this geometric tattoo does an amazing job of combining the serenity and balance of the flower with a modern geometric twist. This symbol of purity and harmony brings the word Namaste to mind.

4Flying Birds Tattoo

There are many, many ways people have used flying birds in their tattoos, but this woman hit the nail on the head with her small flock flying down her side. Birds represent freedom, and this tattoo certainly makes her look free. They really look like they are flying down out of the sky together.

5One Line Quotes Tattoo

So much can be said in just a few words, and when it comes to tattoos, a phrase can say it all. When you choose a quote written in another language, you have mystery mixed in with the charm. Alis volat propriis Latin for she flies with her own wings.

6Small Dreamcatcher Tattoo

We have seen dreamcatchers become increasingly popular in the past few years, and there’s little wonder as to why. This flirty little dreamcatcher side tattoo points to this girl being a dreamer, and not being afraid to go out there and catch her dreams.

7Henna Side Tattoo

Henna art is one of the most incredible temporary tattoo methods you can imagine. The fine details which have been interwoven into this chandelier design are simply breathtaking. This tattoo is the perfect mix between tribal and elegant.

8Artistic Sun and Moon Tattoo

The sun and the moon together have been an amazing piece of artwork throughout the centuries. This unique tattoo represents life in all its stages, as well as the balance between masculine and feminine. This side tattoo holds class, strength, wonder, and charm all wrapped into one.

9Small Basic Designs

There is a mystery to the forest that draws the masses, and those who love it often choose a symbol to represent its wonder. This tree tattoo, though rather basic considering other works of art, is an amazing representation of the wild, life, and beauty.

10Feather Tattoo

Courage and freedom are often associated with feather tattoos, and we can see why. This girl’s feather tattoo whispers freedom with the wispy design of the feather. We just love how it wraps around to the front of her.

11Long Quote Tattoos

You might have only a little to say, or you may have a lot. There is a lot to be said for this Shakespearean quote this girl has tattooed on her side. You don’t need to have a love for literature to love this tattoo.

12Wave Tattoo

Though many have opted to get a wave tattoo in some form, each one holds its own level of flirty fun, and we can’t get enough of this wave side tattoo. A wave tattoo can have many meanings, but cleansing is most often associated with the design. This one is in the perfect spot to peak out from under a tank or a loose shirt, beckoning the sea.

13Elaborate Compass Tattoo

The wonderful thing about a tattoo is that you can make it as elaborate or as simple as you would like. A compass often represents protection when times get tough. This beautiful artwork on this girl’s side showcases adventure and a thirst for the unknown.

14Hot Air Balloon Watercolor Tattoo

Hot air balloons and watercolor, what could be better? A representation of wanderlust, poetry, and summer, this beautiful hot air balloon tattoo says so many things, but the watercolor look is perhaps the greatest touch of all.

15Lower Side Hip Tattoo

Just because a tattoo is on your side, it doesn’t mean it has to be up near your arms. Rose tattoos symbolize love, and dark colors hold special meaning for the one who wears the tattoo. This intricate floral tattoo sits beautifully on her hips, the perfect place to put it, if you ask me.

16Batman Tattoo

It doesn’t matter if you love Batman or the Joker, this tattoo is one of the best side tattoos we have ever seen. The shape of the bat is perfect, but the splattered look surrounding it adds just the right touch.

17Geometric Dragonfly Tattoo

The beautiful geometric trend that has crept into tattoo art over the past few years is amazing, adding a fresh new twist on tattoo designs we know and love. A dragonfly is a symbol of change, and how much promise new change can bring to the wearer.

18Swallow Tattoo

Some choose to have feathers, some choose to have a flock of birds, and some choose to have both, but no one can deny that this single swallow captures your imagination from the moment you saw it. Sailors often chose swallow tattoos with the belief that if they passed, the swallow would carry their soul into heaven.

19Mountain Range Tattoo

If you love the sea you get waves, if you love the turf you get mountains. Mountains often represent strength and a love for travel. Some choose mountains to commemorate an event in their life. This beautiful mountain peak design is so well done, you can almost feel the breeze from the cold mountain air.

20Watercolor Energy Tattoo

Art and science come together in a perfect union with this watercolor inspired tattoo. Electrons and neutrons have never looked so good together.

21Vintage Key Tattoo

An appreciation for the past is a wonderful thing to maintain in your life. Keys often represent secrets, and clocks represent time, so what kind of secrets do you think this wearer is referring to? When you see this vintage inspired key, you can’t help but take a moment and think about what life was like back then.

22Side Wing Tattoo

Why stop at a feather when you can have an entire wing? This is a beautiful tattoo with an identical match on her other side. A set of wings is the symbolism of ultimate freedom for the wearer.

23Minimalistic Tattoo

Not all tattoos are large and in charge. Everyone loves the little peekaboo tattoos that fit so easily on your side. This cookie tattoo make everyone’s day, don’t you think?

24Full Side Tattoo

There’s something enchanting about an old forest, and though this tattoo is just a tree with a couple ravens, you can’t help but imagine a forest full of mystery when you see this on her side. An old tree tattoo such as this one is the perfect representation of maturity.

252D World Tattoo

Wanderlust strikes us all from time to time, but few are able to show off their love for travel as well as this young lady did. With a love for travel shown off on her side, this tattoo shows you can say so much with just the outline of a design.

26Mandala Side Tattoo

Henna and Mandala patterns have grown in popularity, but nothing shows off their beauty quite like a Mandala tattoo. Mandala tattoos represent wholeness, and lotus flowers often represent purity.

27Snowflakes Tattoo

There’s nothing so unique as a snowflake, and this side tattoos proudly shows off to the world how unique she is. Snowflakes represent the beauty in the shortness of life, reminding us to live every day to the fullest. Different shapes and different sizes, but all with perfect charm. Each one is truly an original.

28Basic Shark Tattoo

Who wouldn’t like this adorable shark tattoo on their side? Many opt for the waves, but this girl wanted to go beneath the water and showcase what’s underneath. Sharks represent power and a lack of fear. We love the simplicity and the charm. A perfect tattoo!

29Feather Turning into Birds Tattoo

Few tattoos hold the imagery of freedom like birds flying out of a feather. Tattoos like these just scream out creativity and wonder. Combining birds and feathers is the ultimate representation of freedom. This girl knows what she wants in life, and you can see it without her saying a word.

30Splatter Tattoo

We all love to be unique, but some ideas are just fresh and new, and we simply can’t ignore them. This tattoo is a representation of passion and beauty. The shape of a flower, colors we love, and it is still somewhat like a watercolor, but unique in its own right.

31Vertical Quote Tattoo

Quotes are one of the best ways to show the world how you feel. But why stick with what everyone else is doing when you can turn your quote to the side like this fun tattoo? She got it right opting to go up her side rather than across.

32Colorful Flower Tattoo

There’s an elegance about this flower tattoo that simply requires attention. The different colors of a rose tattoo mean different things for the wearer, but red often symbolizes passion and love. The colors are beautiful, the design is intricate, and the idea is unique. Simply perfect.

33Constellation Tattoo

When it comes to tattoos, you have so many options, but there are times it’s the most basic of designs that capture your imagination the most. Constellation tattoos represent possibilities and endless creativity. This constellation tattoo is one of our faves, yet it’s so simple.

34Subtle Side Heart Tattoo

A tattoo doesn’t have to be bright or bold to get its message across, and we absolutely love the way this girl chose hers. The meaning of the tattoo is chosen by the wearer, as hearts can represent love, wisdom, a connection, or even loss. The soft and subtle lines lend to the imagination, making this heart tattoo like a whisper in the wind.

35Nature Side Tattoo

What can you say about this outdoorsy tattoo? Combining some of the best nature has to offer, this tattoo is the perfect combination of land and water. A tattoo like this bears the meaning of the wild, but it’s perfectly custom to what she wanted. This girl really knew what she was doing when she chose this wildlife design.

36Flower Side Tattoo

If you like flowers, this is another simple yet gorgeous flower tattoo. This basic design is timeless.

37Watercolor Side Tattoo

The watercolor tattoo trend has taken off in the past few years and we can definitely understand why. They are unique, as they don’t have defined edges and they feature bright soft colors.

38Text Flower Side Tattoo

A combination of text and a design can be so beautiful! This cute small tattoo is actually a  moon shape created by a mix of flowers turning into a text.

39Geometric Dreamcatcher Side Tattoo

What a beautiful mix of geometric designs, nature (bird, moon, and leaves) and a dreamcatcher.

40Animal Side Tattoo

Inking your favorite animal is a great way to express yourself, or your love for a specific creature.


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