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shoulder Tattoo ideas

Cute Shoulder Tattoo Ideas 

Shoulders are a fun place to get a tattoo. Since it’s a larger area it gives you a lot of space to work with to incorporate a variety of different designs. Whether you’ve had tattoos in the past or thinking of taking the plunge to get your first, you may want to consider the shoulder. Need a little shoulder tattoo inspiration? You’re in luck because we’ve scoured the internet to find some of our favorite shoulder tattoo ideas to help you make the best tattoo choice for you. From floral to dainty and round shoulder tattoos, We think you’re going to love some of the designs we found!

1Watercolor Florals Shoulder Tattoo

Flower designs are popular when it comes to tattoos, but this watercolor aesthetic gives it a whole different look. If you like flowers but want something with more of an artistic flair this is a beautiful option for your shoulder.

2Believe In Yourself Simple Shoulder Tattoo

“Believe in yourself” is a simple saying with major impact. We all need this little reminder, most of us don’t believe in ourselves nearly enough! It gives you the reassurance you need at trying times in life.

3Birds of a Feather Shoulder Tattoo

Birds symbolize different things in many cultures. Regardless, this design is absolutely beautiful. Incorporating a bird with a flower in such a detailed yet illustrated manner is artistic and stunning on the shoulder.

4Circle of Flowers Shoulder Tattoo

Think outside the box with your shoulder tattoos. Creating a circle with flowers is a unique take on a shoulder flower tattoo. It really highlights the shoulder joint area for a cute look. We love how rich the colors used in this tattoo are for even more individuality.

5Book Club Front Shoulder Tattoo

If you love to read you probably love this shoulder tattoo. Don’t forget to consider the front of your shoulder when deciding on placement for your tattoo. The book’s opening to different symbols is a fun representation of imagination and thinking outside the box.

6Love Me For Me Shoulder Tattoo

We love this quote tattoo on shoulder! A quote many of us need to remember to live our lives by. Love me for who I am. If you’ve gone through difficult times in your life, many of us have, this is a quote we need to hold close to our hearts. Placing it on your shoulder is a cute way to keep the saying close to you at all times.

7Chandelier Back Shoulder Tattoo

If you’re inspired by Victorian-type design this shoulder tattoo is probably giving you major inspiration. It gives a chandelier-like look with the hanging chains and details throughout the design. The placement of this design on the shoulder is perfection.

8Luck of the Irish Tattoo Idea

Add a bit of luck to your shoulder tattoo design with four-leaf clovers. We love the way the clovers are added so seamlessly to the paint strokes in this tattoo. It provides an edgy yet go-with-the-flow type of vibe to the entire tattoo.

9Roped With Flowers Dainty Shoulder Tattoo

Accentuate your shoulder with your tattoo by circling it. The circle or rope-inspired line around the shoulder gives a dainty aesthetic that perfectly complements the pops of red in the flowers.

10Winding Dandelion Tattoo

Dandelions are symbolic for many reasons, adding the look of pieces flowing into the wind can represent so many areas of life. So often we see designs like this with just black in but the color added really enhances the entire look of this tattoo design.

11Honoring Someone Special Simple Shoulder Tattoo

Tattoos are an amazing way to honor someone who may have passed. It’s a way to hold them close to you at all times, and to remind you of them when you look at your design. Adding the years with a heartbeat is a beautiful way to honor someone special in your life.

12Big Shoulder Flower Tattoo Girl

Many of us have seen flower tattoos, many different types of flower designs at that. Create a unique shoulder tattoo with a flower design that takes up your entire shoulder like this one. Opting for a blue tone makes it even more unique.

13Feathered Birds Tattoo

If feathers and/or birds hold special meaning to you this is a stunning way to incorporate both elements into one tattoo design. This feather design has been perfectly placed onto the shoulder to honor the shape of the body.

14She Flies Quote Shoulder Tattoo

“She flies with her own wings,” is a beautiful quote. For the woman who’s found herself, is on a journey, or anything else this quote looks amazing on the shoulder. The text curves with the natural shape of the shoulder for a natural progression.

15Beautiful as a Butterfly Tattoo

Butterflies are beautiful, especially this one. Embracing nature in your shoulder tattoo to honor different meanings is a great way to make it powerful. Adding flowers to accent the nature aesthetic gives this design even more depth.

16Cherry Blossoming Shoulder Tattoo

Cherry blossom trees are known around the world for their beauty. Adding that beauty to your shoulder in a tattoo is a gorgeous choice. The pop of red in the flowers is a classic color that’s enhanced next to the black branches.

17Flying High Bird Back Shoulder Tattoo Idea

Birds often represent the feeling of freedom. Creating a shoulder tattoo to include small flying birds on your shoulder is a dainty way to have a shoulder tattoo with a deeper meaning, that isn’t too big.

18Humming Flowers Shoulder Tattoo

This shoulder tattoo is a true work of art. The detail that was put into this particular design is absolutely stunning. This is a great reminder to have fun with your shoulder tattoo. If you’re comfortable going for a statement-making design use this as inspiration.

19Artistic Design Shoulder Tattoo

Some of the most beautiful designs aren’t mimicking anything specific, but rather their own abstract work of art. This design provides a unique perspective and isn’t something that you will see often. We love the way it fades at the edge of the design to give an ombre type of look.

20Extending an Olive Branch Tattoo

We all need to extend an olive branch more often. What better way to remind yourself to lead with love and acceptance than with an olive branch tattoo?! The shape of the branch is cohesive with the shoulder’s shape for beautiful flow.

21Lilies for Love Tattoo on Shoulder and Back

22Hawaiian Style Tattoo

23Love Myself Simple Shoulder Tattoo

24Love Never Fails Quote  Front Shoulder Tattoo

25When In Love Big Shoulder Tattoo

26You Will Never Know Quote Back Shoulder Tattoo

27Blue Mandala Tattoo

28Kaleidoscope Shoulder Tattoo Design

29Stars in the Sky Watercolor Shoulder Tattoo

30Moon Goddess Shoulder Tattoo For Girls

31Subtly Scripted Front Shoulder Tattoo

32Dated for Memory Tattoo

33It’s In a Name 

34Signing a Name Tattoo Idea

35Garden Inspired Shoulder Tattoo

36You’re My Sunshine Quote Tattoo

37Botanical Tattoo

38Mandala Shoulder Tattoo

39Sakura Shoulder Tattoo

40Small Bird Shoulder Tattoo

41Moon Dragon Shoulder Tattoo

42Micro Brave Tattoo On Shoulder

43Feather Name Arrow Tattoo

44Heart Wave Tattoo

45Delicate front Shoulder Flower Tattoo

There are so many shoulder tattoos to choose from, which is perfect because you really need to choose something that fits your personality and style. Some designs incorporate flowers, words, sayings, and of course so many more attributes. We know it can be a bit overwhelming to pick the perfect design but when you see it, you will know which is the design for your shoulder.

The key to choosing any tattoo, especially one that is on your shoulder, is to find a design that means something special to you. It can be a symbol of love in your life to remind you of someone or something special. Or it can be a gentle reminder of a mission or goal you have for your life. Whatever it is, it will be so much more special when there is a deeper meaning behind the tattoo design you choose for your shoulder.

Since the shoulder is a rather large area on your body you will want to think about the size of the tattoo you want for your own shoulder. Just because there’s a lot of space to work with, it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to take up the entire shoulder with a tattoo. Consider how much of a statement you want to make with your tattoo. Do you want a tattoo that will take up your entire shoulder, and perhaps even spread to your back a bit? Or would you rather do something a bit more dainty?

Color is another factor to take into consideration when choosing your shoulder tattoo. These days tattoos can be designed in just black ink or incorporate a variety of other colors. As you look at shoulder tattoo ideas think about how much or how little color you want to be weaved into the design. Of course, the choice is yours!



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