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Tiny and Small Flower Tattoo Ideas for Girls

So you’re thinking of getting a tattoo but just want something small? How about a small flower tattoo?! Flowers are a gorgeous tattoo choice for women and they look even cuter when they’re small in size. Small but mighty! Making the final design choice for any tattoo can be a process. We wanted to help make your decision a little easier. To do that we’re showing you some of our absolute favorite small flower tattoo ideas for girls. We’ve rounded up 35 stunning flower tattoo designs we know you’re going to love just as much as we do. Go ahead – start scrolling!

1Blooming Roses Tattoo

Three small roses in different phases of the blooming cycle, it’s such a beautiful way to design a flower tattoo. Blooming flowers can represent you blooming into the woman you want to be, or anything else that’s meaningful to you.

2Illustrated Small Flower Tattoo

We love the illustrated look of this flower tattoo. It’s simple and fun. Not to mention, placed on the back of the arm is a unique option. It doesn’t take up a lot of space and is just enough of a floral look.

3Small Neck Rose Dainty Tattoo

Small roses on the back of the neck is so chic. If you love roses and want to have a dainty tattoo this is an idea for you to consider. The placement is cute because it’s easy to hide, and when you wear your hair up it’s a
cute little surprise.

4Art Imitates Life Small Lavender Tattoo

If you find a particular flower you absolutely love, use it as direct inspiration for your small flower tattoo. We love how life like this tattoo ended up coming out, because of the actual flower as representation. Plus, the ankle is a great part of the body to have a delicate flower tattoo to easily show off in the summertime.

5The Unexpected Small Tattoo

Bet you didn’t think of having a tattoo on the BOTTOM of your foot, did you?! This was too fun not to share with you. Perfect for the girl who wants a tattoo that’s really only ever seen when she wants it to be. It doesn’t get much more secretive than the bottom of your foot.

6Flower Bracelet Tattoo

Skip the bulky bracelets and add flowers to your wrist. It’s like a permanent bracelet that will always look great. The delicate floral design is feminine enough to not overwhelm the wrist.

7Small Collared Flowers Tattoo

We are loving the small flower tattoos that are just a little touch of floral to the body. This tattoo is proof you don’t need an elaborate floral design to have a beautiful flower tattoo. It’s place perfectly to show off when you rock an off shoulder top, too.

8Diamond Flower Wrist Tattoo

Combine a girl’s two favorite things: flowers and jewels. This is such a cute flower tattoo design. Even though it’s colorful and detailed in design it’s still feminine and delicate enough to not overpower you in any way.

9Realistic Daisies Tattoo

This daisy looks SO real, doesn’t it? Adding color to a simple flower design like a daisy can completely transform the look of your flower tattoo. If you want it to feel more like, add color.

10Touch of Floral Tiny Tattoo

Another way to enjoy a flower tattoo that can be behind scenes when/if you want it to. This flower aesthetic is gorgeous because of how delicate it is, we love the little touch of pink added to the mix for a pop of color.

11Flower Earring Tattoo

Who needs earrings when you can have a flower tattoo on your earlobe?! We never would have thought of having a tattoo placed here but we’re in love with it. Unique, unexpected and so chic. You’ll always be accessorized with this tattoo.

12Falling Flowers Watercolor Tattoo

Deconstruct a flower with a design like this. It gives the illusion of a flower falling in pieces. Whether you have something to symbolize for this design or just want something different from the typical flower look this is worth consideration.

13Flowering Luna Dainty Tattoo

For the girl who loves to embrace the moon, and wants a feminine touch added to it. Tattoos on the wrist like this are a great place for a small tattoo when you want to see it yourself on a fairly regular basis. Try incorporating different elements into your floral designs.

14Bunched in Floral Tattoo Idea

Forget me not flowers are said to mean remembrance. That can be rememberence of anything you want to remember and hold close to you. Instead of sticking to just one flower for your tattoo, you may want to think about designing a bunch of flowers for a group look.

15Girl Power Tattoo

Remind yourself to embrace your inner girl power persona. We all could use that encouragement on a daily basis. And girls love flowers so the combination is a natural one.

16I Heart Tiny Flower Tattoo

Do you love, love? How about flowers? Ok you will love this small flower tattoo then. Simple in the floral design makes it perfect when created in a heart shape. This would look great on the back of the neck or behind the ear, too.

17Infinite Roses Matching Tattoo

Whether you want a matching tattoo or just want a different flower design this is stunning. The infinity symbol is a great choice for a tattoo because of its strong symbolism. Complete the infinity symbol with a rose for a garden vibe.

18Rosey Arms Tattoo

Adding color to your flower tattoo can really change the entire look of it, but if you don’t want too much of a bold color statement you can always opt for muted tones. In fact the muted tones are gorgeous when you incorporate them into a floral design.

19Mini Flowers Tiny Tattoo

Talk about thinking outside the box when placing this tattoo. Are we right or are we right? Tiny tattoos are always so adorable. While it’s small in size it’s large in style.

20Pointing Flowers Tattoo

Forget the ring and go for a flower tattoo on the inside of your finger. It’s a place many people forget about when considering where to have a tattoo, but it always looks great. Especially when you choose a cute flower like this.

21Siding with Floral Tattoo

22Lotus Love Analome Tattoo

23Matching Garden Vibe Tattoos

24Painted Floral Tattoo

25Springtime Garden

26Lily Life Tiny Flower Tattoo

27Bold in Red Small Tattoo

28Back with Roses Tattoo

29Statement Flower Tattoo

30Sunny Life Sunflower Tattoo

31Barely There Flowers

32Pair of Roses Tattoo

33Holding onto Love Tattoo

34Free Flowers Tattoo

35Threes Company Tattoo Design

Are you officially inspired? We sure hope so! Small flower tattoos come in a variety of different colors, designs, and placements. When you decide to opt for a small tattoo there are a lot of places on your body you can decide to actually have the tattoo placed. That’s one of the fun things about a small tattoo. Well, that and the fact that if you want something that’s a bit more discrete small tattoos are a major win. Personally, we really fell in love with some of the creative placements of the tattoos from our list. Just goes to show that the options are limitless when it comes to deciding where you want your small flower tattoo on your body.

When deciding on a small flower tattoo we suggest thinking about what kind of flower you’re drawn to. As you very well know by now there are a ton of different flowers in the world to use inspiration from. That can be a good thing because options are great, but it can also mean you will want to take a little time to choose the flower you enjoy the most. Design of the flower itself, in addition to the colors (if any) you want in your tattoo, are big decisions you won’t want to rush into making for your small flower tattoo.

Keep in mind you don’t have to rush to decide on your small flower tattoo, take all the time you need to be sure you’re really in love with the design you choose and where you want it to be on your body. Use some of the designs we found as inspiration. Work with your tattoo artist, bring in pictures that you really love. Remember that your tattoo artist is an artist so when you’re able to provide visuals for them it’s super helpful!


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