Feminist Tattoos

Feminist Tattoos

Feminist Tattoos To Empower And Celebrate Girl Power

Are you looking for your next feminist tattoo to empower and celebrate girl power? Then you have come to the right place! This compilation of feminist tattoos is the perfect way to ignite your strong woman fire and show people how proud you are to be female! You’re guaranteed to find a tattoo design on this list to suit your taste!

1Girl Almighty Tattoo

This simple ‘girl almighty’ tattoo will let people know that you are strong, tough, and you mean business. The girl that chooses this design is independent and smart!

2Feminism Girl Power Tattoo

If you simply want to show that you are a feminist, this unique but simple feminist design is perfect to flaunt your girl power. It’s small enough to ink anywhere on your skin!

3Nothing To Prove Tattoo

This quote is short, but that doesn’t mean it’s not powerful. ‘Nothing to prove’ is a way to shove female stereotypes and expectations into society’s face!

4Nobody Owns Me Tattoo

If you know that you are bigger than the sea and as free, then consider inking this short quote on your skin. It is small and simple, but speaks volumes to a feminist.

5Anatomy Tattoo

This tattoo is a little daring as it displays female anatomy in the sassiest way. But, it is definitely a tattoo to consider if you are a feminist trying to make a statement.

6Mother Tattoo

This mother tattoo looks very spiritual and girl-power-friendly. It resembles a religious or spiritual sculpture and it is the perfect design for a maternal personality or an actual mother.

7Girl Power Tattoo

The term ‘girl power’ will never ever go out of style. So, if you have been using that term since The Spice Girls, then consider this design for your arm, leg, or back.

8Sisters Tattoo

If you believe in the importance of community in the feminist world, then this tattoo is the right choice for you. The different skin tones show us that womanhood is universal and we are all connected.

9Gender Roles Tattoo

As feminists, we all want to put gender roles to death. So, a good way to get started is to get this grave marker with ‘gender roles’ in writing tattooed on your skin.

10War Paint Tattoo

Feminists get a rep for being tom-boys or super ungirly. But, that’s just not true. Feminists come in all forms. So, don’t be ashamed if your war paint is lipstick! You’re still a feminist.

11Fight Like A Girl Tattoo

‘Fight Like A Girl’ is a great quote. And, to pair it was a Star Wars character is the perfect way to show your nerdy side too! Who says a tattoo can’t have two meanings?

12She Persisted Tattoo

We could never forget this classic quote on the list! It is one that is simple and pure, but speaks volumes. Any girl that gets this inked on her skin will move mountains!

13Male Tears Tattoo

This bold and sassy feminist tattoo will definitely empower any female. If you don’t allow guys to get you down, or you need that reminder- this tattoo is perfect for you!

14My Body Feminist Tattoo

This is a number one rule for any feminist who is actively fighting issues in our health system. ‘My Body My Rules’ is something that everyone should follow strictly.

15I Am Mine Tattoo

It’s important, as a female, to know that we do not belong to anyone else. We are not a man’s property. Or, the property of society. We are entirely ourselves and we own us.

16Riots Not Diets Tattoo

As women, we are pressured all the time to diet and look a certain way. From social media to magazines, it can get extremely overwhelming. Forget the diet- eat that ice cream!

17Empower Tattoo

Women who empower other women to be the best they can be are the best kind! So, show everyone how you are a supporter of females with this simple tattoo.

18Girl Gang Tattoo

Lisa Simpson has definitely become a symbolism for feminism. She is a girl who doesn’t go with the flow and definitely speaks her own mind. She is an OG member of the Girl Gang.

19Airplane Tattoo

This beautiful subtle feminist tattoo is nothing short of extraordinary. It represents that the outside doesn’t always match the inside. And, girls are stronger than society thinks.

20None Of Your Business Tattoo

What a woman does is no one’s business. Whether she is off partying every night or working on her PHD night and day- she can do what she wants and no one should say a thing about it.

21Deeds Not Words


22Burning Bra Feminist Tattoo


23Muscles Tattoo


24Stay Nasty Quote Tattoo


25Not Your Babe


26Dead Men Don’t Catcall


27The Future Is Female




29Woman’s Body Tattoo


30Fight The Patriarchy Tattoo Design




32We Can Do It




34Dear Patriarchy Feminist Tattoo


35Chest Tattoo


36Girl Tattoo Sign




38Girl Arm Tattoo


These feminist tattoo are meant to inspire and empower. There are a great variety on this list, so there is something to fit everyone’s style and personal taste.

There are tattoos that contain quotes. This allows the person donning the tattoo to be a little more straightforward in what they are trying to get across.

Then there are tattoos that are simply pictures. These tattoos are a little more obscure and require some thinking. But, they definitely are no less beautiful than that quoted tattoos. And, they make an excellent conversation starter.

Some of the tattoo designs on this list are bold and sassy. They make a statement and the person wearing them definitely don’t care what others think. They simply want to be heard.

Other feminist tattoos are more straight to the point and less bold, but no less strong. A lot of these tattoos contain quotes such as ‘girl power’, ‘girl gang’ or ‘feminist’. They certainly show where the person’s morals lie, and they do it in a perfectly simple way.

Hopefully, you found a design on this list to add to your ink collection. Feel free to take these ideas and customize them to fit your unique style.


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