Love Tattoos

Cute Love Tattoo Designs

Cute Love Tattoo Designs

Everyone loves love! So why not put a cute love tattoo design on your skin? Everyone will surely go bonkers over your cute new tat! And, you’ll feel good about it being about something positive and meaningful. There are so many different kinds of love, so this compilation contains something for everyone! Enjoy!

1Human Heart Tattoo

This human heart is edgy, but with so much kindness. The holding of the hands represents the love we give each other and the place where we hold it inside.

2Love Tattoo

This simple ‘love’ script tattoo is perfect if you want something that doesn’t explain too much, and doesn’t take up too much space. It is strong without being overwhelmingly so.

3Just Love Handwritten Tattoo

‘Just love’ is such a powerful message. The person that dons this believes that it’s important to show just love to the world. No hate and no negativity.

4Simple Heart Tattoo

This simple heart can act as a beautiful tribute to, well…anything, really! Whatever you decide to let it stand for, know that others will love its beautiful simplicity.

5Self-Love Tattoo

Knowing that you are enough is the greatest form of self-love. But, it’s not always that easy to learn. Tattoo this on your arm for a reminder that you don’t need to try for anyone but yourself.

6Tend To Yourself Tattoo

This beautiful tattoo of a girl watering her mind is perfect for the person who knows intelligence and self-awareness is key to achieving their dreams.

7Heartbeat Tattoo

Sometimes, we fall in love with Prince Charming and we feel the need to get a tattoo. This one here, shows life with and without their love. Pretty heavy stuff!

8Do What You Love Tattoo

Practicing what you love is important in order to live a happy life. So, stop stressing about the day-to-day and make your dreams a reality. We only have one life.

9Family Love Tattoo

This family-oriented tattoo is the ideal design for someone who holds family close to their heart. Make it unique by using a family member’s handwriting.

10Faith Hope Love Tattoo

A lot of people hold faith and religion close to their heart. And, if that’s you, then this is an ideal tattoo design that will have you remembering what’s really important to you.

11Girly Love Tattoo

Are you a super romantic who is totally obsessed with love, beauty, and fairy-tales? Then this tattoo that spells love with different vanity accessories is perfect for you!

12Forever In My Heart Handwritten Font Tattoo

Some people stay forever in our hearts. If there is someone that you would like to commemorate with a tattoo, this is a really easy and simple design to do that with.

13Follow Your Heart

It’s nice to have a constant reminder to follow your heart, and with this tattoo, you’ll get just that! There is no sense in living a life you don’t love. So, make yourself happy and follow your dreams!

14Lived Forever Quote Tattoo

This tattoo design is a meaningful dedication to someone who has passed away. But, it’s also a reminder that love never dies and it continues on forever.

15Nautical Love Tattoo

Nature is powerful. And, some people are very drawn to the ocean because of that. So, if you are a beach lover, or a sailor’s daughter- consider this nautical love tattoo.

16Motherly Love Tattoo

Motherly love is a super special kind of love that cannot be summed up into words. But, maybe a tattoo would help explain it! This beautiful mother tattoo is perfect for the matriarch in you!

17Cat Love Tattoo

Calling all animal-lovers! This simple cat tattoo is the best way to flaunt your cat-lady side to the public. It is small enough to fit anywhere and super cute!

18Love Yourself First Tattoo

‘Love yourself first’ is a very important rule to follow. If you don’t treat yourself with love and kindness, nobody else will. Always, be sure to put yourself first.

19Ocean Love Tattoo

Ocean lovers will love this ocean wave in a heart tattoo design. It reminds you where you feel most at home and also to ‘float on’ even when the waves get rough.

20Leave Her Wild Tattoo

‘Love her but leave her wild’ is a strong quote that helps us understand that we cannot change the people we love. We must love them for who they are and respect them wholly.

21Romance Tattoo


22Thinking Of You Tattoo Quote


23Puppy Love Tattoo


24Book Lover Tattoo


25I Love You Tattoo


26Love Without Limits Tattoo


27Love Never Fails Tattoo


28Never Really Leave Us Side Tattoo


29Love Birds Tattoo


30I Will Sacrifice Quote Tattoo


31Hate Love Tattoo


32Self Love Is The Best Love Tattoo


33She Designed A Life She Loved Tattoo


34Have Heart Tattoo


35Love Travel Tattoo


36Nature Hug Tattoo


37Love Family Finger Tattoo


38Love Arrow Tattoo


39Infinity Love Tattoo


40Believe In Love Tattoo


41Friends Love Tattoo


42Cute Tiny Heart Tattoo


43Couple Matching Love Tattoo


These cute love tattoo designs are all so different and describe a great variety of love. There are just so many! Some of these tattoos work universally, while others are specific to one kind of love.

The most popular universal tattoo is the simple heart, which can be as big or small as you want. And, therefore, can go wherever you would like it to go! It is the perfect way to show that love is important to you without being up in everyone’s face or picking a specific kind of love.

There are some tattoo designs on here that have to do with family love. Such, as the love from a mother or by a mother. These family love tattoos are a great choice for someone who finds their strength through their family.

Some of the tattoos in this compilation are tattoos to dedicate to a person that has passed. These tattoos are strong, powerful, and completely customizable.

Other tattoos on this list talk about the importance of self-love. It is true that you cannot love anyone else until you love yourself, so please know, that you ARE enough. And, you are not competing with anyone but yourself. So, keep being you.

Hopefully, one of these tattoos helps you show off your unique style, while also stating how important love is to you.


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