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Best Place to Get a Tattoo

When you’re thinking about getting a tattoo, there are a few things to consider in addition to the design you choose and the health risks associated with tattoos: Where on your body should you get your tattoo, and how much will it hurt? We have selected a few places that we think tattoos look great and we have also done a bit of research about the pain associated with each of these placements. Though pain is relative and everyone has a different tolerance, these general guidelines should help you get a good idea about how much pain to expect during your appointment.

1Your Ribcage

Why this is a great place to get a tattoo: Although many people get tattoos so that they can show them off as often as possible, sometimes people want to have a tattoo that they can keep a secret until they want to show it. A tattoo on the ribcage is an awesome choice if you want to have a tattoo that you can keep private. Rib cage tattoos are super cute and look especially great if the tattoo design is a meaningful quote with a cool lettering style!

Pain: Unfortunately, rib cage tattoos are said to be some of the most painful places to get a tattoo on your body. Having said that, there are many people in tattoo forums who say that their rib cage tattoos actually did not hurt very much at all. Reading about other people’s experiences can be a great way to determine whether you think the pain will be worth it.

2Your Side

Why this is a great place to get a tattoo: Although side tattoos have increased in popularity in recent years, they are still considered to be a rather unique place to get inked. Side tattoos look awesome with messages or roman numerals inked vertically, but they also look super cute with a picture or icon.

Pain: Like the ribcage, tattoos on your side are said to be very painful. However, like all tattoos, the smaller your design, the less pain you will feel, so maybe aim for a small inking!

3Your Shoulder

Why this is a great place to get a tattoo: The shoulder is a beautiful place to get a tattoo, but you should keep in mind that it is harder to disguise a shoulder tattoo than a rib or side tattoo since you are more likely to expose your shoulder in everyday situations. Often girls may choose a design that is symbolic when placed on the shoulder. For example, birds are a popular choice because a bird can represent taking weight off your shoulders. Find here more ideas for girl shoulder tattoos.

Pain: Shoulder tattoos tend to rank on the medium to low level of pain. Although the actual inking process is not as painful as some places, the healing process can be longer and more painful since you use your shoulders a lot throughout the day which can aggravate your new tattoo.

4Your Wrist

Why this is a great place to get a tattoo: Wrist tattoos are awesome if you want to get something small inked onto your skin. Many times people will choose a small symbol that is meaningful, or a reminder that they want to see everyday. Your wrist is a body part that you will unconsciously look at a lot throughout the day, unlike less visible parts like your ribs, so this is a great location to get a meaningful tattoo. While you can definitely cover your wrist tattoo with long sleeves when necessary, bear in mind that it will be very visible when you do not wear long sleeves.

Pain: The wrist is recommended as a great place to get a first tattoo precisely because it ranks lower on the pain scale than many other body locations. Also, since most people want a tiny design for their wrists, pain is usually not an issue associated with wrist tattoos.

5Your Thigh

Why this is a great place to get a tattoo: Thigh tattoos can be great if you want to have secret ink that only gets revealed to select people!

Pain: Luckily for you, thigh tattoos are rated as some of the least painful tattoos you can get. However, this depends where on the thigh you get inked. The inner and front side of the thigh are said to cause relatively low pain and thus are recommended as great locations for a first tattoo (inner/ front side thigh tattoos). However, tattoos on the back of the thigh are actually rated as some of the most painful tattoos and are thus recommended for seasoned ink recipients. So if you’re looking for the least painful place to get a tattoo, girl thigh tattoos are a good choice.

6Your Hip

Why this is a great place to get a tattoo: Hip tattoos are popular for a lot of reasons including the fact that it is easy to hide when necessary. Even if you want to get inked, you may not want the world to know about it, so a hip tattoo can be a great placement option!

Pain: Unfortunately, hip tattoos are described as being extremely painful, or extremely uncomfortable at best. If you are really committed to getting inked on your hip, make sure that you are in love with your design because it sounds like you’re really going to want to make this one worth the pain!

7Behind your Ear

Why this is a great place to get a tattoo: This is a unique place to get a tattoo and perfect for girls who want something very small that they can hide with their hair if they want.

Pain: Generally, a rule of thumb is that a tattoo hurts more the thinner the skin is. Having said that, the space behind the ear is pretty small, so at least the pain will be limited to a compact design!

Though there are a lot of places on your body that you can get a tattoo, we decided to spotlight these tattoo locations since they are some of the most popular. As we said earlier, the pain you experience can’t be predicted, but you can at least prepare yourself by getting familiar with the stories and experiences of other people who have gotten tattoos similar to what you hope to have!


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