Celebrity Tattoo Inspiration and Meanings

Celebrity Tattoos Inspiration and Meaning

Tats Ideas: Celebrity Tattoo Ideas

As one(s) of your most powerful personal statements raw and ready visible right from your body, tattoos can be both private and public, showcasing your ultimate inky complex with various styles, while serving as the style highlighters, for their instinctive nature, tattoos can either strengthen or weaken your personal style if not being done with consideration.

When you want something so original and unique, what inspirations do you have that will help you to achieve such bodily effect, without falling into the cliché and eventually, having to think about getting rid of them? This is why we’re bringing you all the most iconic and brilliant celebrity inspirational tattoos ideas, from the most elegant and powerful women Cara Delevingne, Jordan Dunn, Kendall Jenner to Angelina Jolie, wishing them to guide you in your own personal journey to the most directness and original. Get ink, get chic.

1Cara Delevingne with “lion fist”

One of the ideas for you to consider, when thinking about getting a new ink, is right onto your hand(s). You use them all the time, wherever you are, whatever you do. Knowing that hand tattoos can be either very loud or fairly quiet; mostly by the item that you want to ink. Are you a girl with a boy-side lion spirit? Have you ever thought about trying something muscular to neutralize your feminine elegance into hybrid cool? Take Cara Delevingne’s “lion fist” tiny tattoo as an example, you’ll know better when you walk into the ink shop.

2 Jourdan Dunn’s magic amulet

If you don’t know what “Hamsa” is, it’s the Arabic word, the replacement of the “Hamesh” hand” in Hebrew, the old yet still popular apotropaic magic protective amulet guarding you from envious or evil eyes. As both personal style-serving and functioning as the spiritual protection, the items such as the lotus-shaped hamsa, be it either colorful or monochrome, will add the mystically elegant hue to your everyday style.

3Kendall Jenner Tattoo

Gotcha! If you thought that tattoos are only for others’ eyes to see, then you’re certainly wrong when you see Kendall Jenner’s private, white-inked dot on the inner side of her right middle finger.
As small and brief as a simple ink-filled dot, this is only for you and the one you care about, nothing needs to be super flashy and obvious, you take the ink business to a very high personal level.

4Statement on the shoulder – bear what you will like Angelina Jolie

When you look at her tattoo, your focus should be put onto not only the content of the tattoo, but more importantly, the overall shape of the tattoo as it serves both content-wise but also shape-wise as a whole.
Like the waterfall pouring down from Jolie’s left shoulder, this is a very powerful, slightly heavy personal statement that shows her strength as a woman, as well as her belief. Are you a strong woman who’s willing to make some statement for the world to see elegantly? You have an idea now.


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