Lotus Flower Tattoos

Lotus Flower Tattoos

Small Lotus Flower Tattoos

Lotus flowers are cute, girly, and contain deep meaning. They represent divinity and purity and would be a great tattoo choice anywhere in the body. There are so many ways to customize these symbols with intricate detail, color, or by adding a lotus into a pre-existing design. If you are considering getting a lotus flower tattoo, then you definitely have to check out this list of big and small lotus flower tattoo designs.

1Colorful Lotus Tattoo

This colorful lotus is perfect for the hippy in you! It’s almost a tie-dye design and could be strewn together with different colors to fit your unique taste!

2Girly Pink Lotus Tattoo

This girly pink lotus tattoo is feminine and beautiful. It is the ideal tattoo for someone who wants to let their girly girl side shine and embrace the natural beauty of the lotus.

3Lotus With Stem Tattoo

This lotus tattoo with a stem could be put anywhere on your body! It’s small delicate design has traces of Buddhist design that will make you feel zen.

4Purple Detailed Lotus Tattoo

This beautiful purple detailed lotus will definitely draw attention. Its intricate detail is reminiscent of a henna tattoo. And, the purple color really makes it pop!

5Delicate Lotus Tattoo

This delicate lotus placed on the shoulder is really a sight to see. The petal falling off represents that though you may feel broken at times, you are still a beautiful flower.

6Lotus Down The Spine Tattoo

This three piece lotus down the spine is a design for someone who wants to make a statement. If purity and divinity is the backbone in your life, definitely give this tattoo a consideration.

7Pink Majestic Lotus Tattoo

This pink lotus looks like an actual piece of 3D art. It’s stunning shading allows the petals to look soft to the touch. And the pink and green color combo looks natural!

8Half-Butterfly Lotus Tattoo

This half butterfly half lotus is really a game changer when it comes to lotus flower tattoos. Both symbols represent blooming and becoming one’s beautiful self. What a thing to celebrate!

9Aqua Lotus Tattoo

This aqua lotus placed on the thigh is rich in detail. The colors are not too girly, but the details definitely add a feminine flair to this unique lotus design.

10Small Finger Lotus Tattoo

This simple and small lotus that is placed on the side of the finger is the perfect tattoo design for someone who is looking just a pinch of divinity in their lives.

11Semi-Colon Lotus Wrist Tattoo

This semi-colon lotus is a symbol for the journey continuing. So, paired with the traditional lotus symbol, it means you are always blooming! There is no where to go but up!

12Snake And Lotus Tattoo

This snake lotus is unique and definitely an ideal design for someone who has a little bit of a wild past. The snake represents your inner demons trying to destroy your beauty! Don’t let it.

13Lotus Foot Tattoo

This small lotus foot tattoo will remind you to feel grounded. It will remind you to walk around in the world with pure intentions and a pure soul.

14Watercolor Lotus Tattoo

This watercolor lotus is absolutely gorgeous and definitely a work of art. It is the perfect tattoo for someone with a creative mind or someone who just loves color!

15Multiple Lotus Flowers Tattoo

This multiple lotus blossom flower looks like it was picked right from nature. It has characteristics of classic Japanese art and it’s a beautiful choice for anyone.

16Feminine Lotus Tattoo

This feminine lotus is super unique with its jeweled crystal droppings reminiscent of henna tattoos. It is guaranteed that no one will have a lotus tattoo quite like this.

17Inside The Lotus

This lotus flower tattoo is not traditional in its design or its placement. The design is detailed, yet simple and not overwhelming. And the placement is easily hidden.

18Colors Of The Wind Lotus Tattoo

This magical lotus is unlike one you have ever seen before. And, the great part about it is that you can change up the colors to whatever you want.

19Long-Stemmed Lotus Tattoo

This long-stemmed lotus looks almost like a magic wand. And, with the pink and blue colors, it looks even more magical! Try this one out if you’re looking for a unique lotus tattoo.

20Still I Rise Tattoo

This Maya Angelou, ‘Still I Rise’ lotus is a perfect reminder that even on the bad days, you are a blooming lotus who will rise above and conquer whatever is troubling you.

21Small Hip Lotus


22Detailed Lotus Back Tattoo


23Lotus And Butterflies Tattoo


24Tie-Dye Lotus Tattoo


25Arrow Lotus Tattoo


26Thigh Lotus Tattoo


27Musical Unalome Lotus Tattoo


28Splash Of Color Lotus Tattoo


29Jeweled Lotus Tattoo


30Small Ankle Lotus Tattoo


31Despite It All Tattoo


32Sister Lotus Tattoos


33Learn To Live Tattoo


34Behind The Ear Lotus Tattoo


35Lotus And Fish Tattoo


These beautiful and small lotus tattoos are excellent choices if you’re looking for a special flower tattoo that reflects a deep spiritual meaning. Some tattoos are smaller than others, but all the tattoos can be tailored to size depending on where you’d like the placement.

There are some lotus tattoos that are pure and simple in design. These tattoos are great for someone who wants people to know exactly what message they are trying to get across.

Then there are some lotus tattoos that are feminine and girly. These are ideal for the girly girl in you. The feminine flair comes in colors like pink and purple or with some added delicate details like jeweled crystals.

Other lotus tattoos have a unique edge to them incorporating other symbols such as butterflies, snakes, and fish in order to get a greater message across to the world.

Each lotus tattoo can be customized with different colors to fit your unique taste! So, take the leap, head to the tattoo parlor, and get designing!


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