Tiny And Small Ankle Tattoos For Girls

Cute Small Ankle tattoos

Cute Small Ankle Tattoos For Girls

These cute and small ankle tattoos for girls are going to have you rushing to book your next appointment at the tattoo salon. We promise! We have have compiled a list of the cutest designs. And, we made sure to pick out something for everyone’s taste. So start scrolling and get ready to crave some ink!

1Love Me More Ankle Tattoo

This ‘love me more’ quote tattoo located on the ankle is super cute. It will be a great reminder to anyone that you come first no matter what. You are a strong independent lady!

2Dainty Anklet Tattoo

This dainty anklet ankle tattoo is the perfect choice for someone who wants a little bit of permanent bling without going overboard. It’s delicate and totally not in-your-face.

3Paper Plane Ankle Tattoo

This paper plane ankle tattoo is such a cute idea. It is reminiscent of childhood. But, it is also a great tattoo design idea for the person who loves to travel!

4Literature Lover Tattoo

This book ankle tattoo is definitely one of our favorites! This is a great choice for the literature-lover in you. So, if you can’t wait to pick up a good book at the end of the day, consider this design!

5Sugar Anklet Tattoo

Everyone loves a little sugar. And, with this cute ice cream charmed anklet tattoo, you’ll be telling the world that you are always up for a sweet treat. Or, maybe you ARE the sweet treat!

6Floral Wrap Tattoo

This floral-wrapped anklet tattoo is definitely Hawaiian inspired. The beautiful flowers will definitely have you feeling tropical all year round. And, who doesn’t want that?

7Small Wild Flower Tattoo

This adorably simple wildflower ankle tattoo is perfect to bring out the natural beauty in you. There is such beauty in being free and wild, and this tattoo is a great reminder of that.

8Tiny Saturn Ankle Tattoo

Are you a space-lover? Or, maybe just a space cadet? Either way, this tattoo is super cute and small enough to fit right on your ankle. Saturn is waiting for you!

9Barbed Wire Tattoo

This barbed wire ankle tattoo is super unique. And, it definitely will show just how strong and tough you are. Try this one if you want a tattoo that’ll start conversations.

10Antlers Ankle Tattoo

This beautiful antler ankle tattoo is a great choice for anyone who hunts, grew up in the woods, or just loves the outdoors. It definitely is a tribute to nature.

11Small Holy Cross Tattoo

This simple Holy cross tattoo is a wonderful way to display your faith. By placing it on the ankle, it will remind you to walk throughout life with good intentions.

12Star Anklet Tattoo

This star anklet tattoo design is an awesome choice for the girl who is obsessed with astrology. Or, maybe who considers herself a star. Either way, it’s damn cute!

13Cute Rose Ankle Tattoo

This adorable rose tattoo is definitely feminine in nature. But, it’s good to remember that roses have thorns. So, just because you are pretty, doesn’t mean you can’t be tough!

14Palm Tree Tattoo

This palm tree ankle tattoo is one of our favorites for many reasons! It’s small and simple. And, it also makes us dream about the beach even in the winter!

15Tiny Heart Tattoo

This tiny heart tattoo located on the ankle is a wonderful choice for someone looking for something small and universal. It will remind you to do everything with love.

16Wrap-Around Arrow Tattoo

This wrap-around arrow ankle tattoo will definitely remind you to keep moving forward in life. And, to go with the flow. Everyone has their own journey, embrace yours.

17Owl Tattoo

This small wise owl tattoo located on the ankle is a great tribute to nature and animals. It’s cartoony appearance is absolutely adorable too!

18Feather Ankle Tattoo

Feather tattoos carry a lot of meaning. They represent the spirit and being ‘awakened’. So, if you feel you are on a spiritual path in life, this is a tattoo to consider.

19Map Of The World Tattoo

Are you suffering from wanderlust on a daily basis? Then, this map of the world is the ideal choice for a small ankle tattoo. But, be careful, looking at it every day might cause some impulse travel booking.

20Cute Small Squirrel Tattoo

This adorable squirrel ankle tattoo is striking and unique. It’s guaranteed that no one else will have it! Squirrels symbolized playfulness, energy, and balance.

21Sun And Moon Tattoo


22Semi-Colon Tattoo


23Panda Ankle Tattoo


24Lighthouse Tattoo


25Small Elephant Tattoo


26Little Birds Tattoo


27Leaves Tattoo


28Tiny Butterfly Tattoo


29Cats Ankle Tattoo


30Music Notes Ankle Tattoo


31Slinky Dog Tattoo


32Cute Paw Prints Tattoo


33Simple Bow Ankle Tattoo


34Anchor Tattoo


35Tiny Bumble Bee Tattoo


36Small Giraffe Tattoo


37Skull Tattoo


38Lion Tattoo


39Kangaroo Ankle Tattoo


40Cute Cherries Tattoo


41Blessed Ankle Tattoo


42Rose Flower Tattoo


43Pooh Ankle Tattoo


44Angle Wings Tattoo


45Simple Flower Tattoo


46Small Heart Tattoo


47Jeweled Anklet Tattoo


48Black Aquamarine Color Anklet Tattoo


49Initials Tattoo


50Quote Ankle Tattoo


51Happiness Ankle Tattoo


These cute and small ankle tattoos for girls are a great starting point to help you decide what to get at your next appointment at the tattoo salon. There are so many different ones to choose from, so hopefully you found something to suit your taste!

There are tattoos on here that have animals. These are perfect for the animal-lover in you. There are antlers, squirrels, and even owls. And, all of these things have totally unique meanings behind them.

Then there are some tattoos on here that are universal symbols. Such as the heart. Everyone knows what a heart means, so you won’t have to spend any time explaining your tattoo to someone.

There are also tattoos on here that are like anklets. There are floral ones, charmed ones, and even a barbed wire one that will definitely make you feel like a badass.

We hope this list got you inspired and hopefully, one of these small ankle tattoos tickled your fancy. And, if not, hopefully, they got your gears turning so you can pick the design that’s totally unique and right for you!


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