Beach Tattoos For Girls

Beach Tattoos For Girls

Beach Themed Tattoos For Girls

Summer is the absolute best time of year! And, that’s because you can hit the beach and enjoy the waves and the sand. Also, did we mention the sun, tan lines, tropical drinks, and sandy feet? So, why not celebrate your love for the beach all-year-round with a beach themed tattoo perfect for any beach bum? If you’re thinking about getting a beach tattoo, here are some of our very faves!


This adorable seahorse is for the marine animal lover. It is small enough to fit anywhere. And, it’s not the average beach wave tattoo that everyone is sporting. Try adding a splash of pink or purple for a girly makeover of this beachy tattoo.

2Mermaid Wave

This unique foot tattoo is a great choice for your next tattoo. The mermaid tail sticking out of the wave is a design that no one else will have! This one is definitely a necessity for every Ariel wannabe.

3Sea Turtle

This sea turtle beach-themed tattoo is swirling with different beautiful colors. It takes all the natural beauty of nature and puts it into an adorable design. It’s colorful and artsy without looking too cartoony. You will definitely attract all eyes to this piece of art!


This small starfish beach-themed tattoo is great for someone who isn’t looking to make too much of a statement but still wants to make a mention to their love for the beach. It’s small enough to it on your finger and it commemorates one of the most classic beach animals: the starfish.


This pineapple ankle tattoo will definitely make you feel tropical. It’s not your average salute to the beach, which why it’s a wonderful design choice. It will have you craving to cut the top off, stick a straw in and fill it with your beverage of choice. You’ll be in vacation mode 24/7.

6Whale Tail

This whale tail tattoo is a cute idea for anyone who is fond of whale-watching or just love deep-sea fishing. It’s a perfect tribute to your beach love.


This cute sunrise design with a palm is perfect for the girl who loves a day spent in paradise with a drink in her hand. It is a definite symbol of relaxation. Seriously, who couldn’t feel calm and at peace with a view like that?

8Beach Van

This beach van is a hippy’s dream. Tattoo this beach-themed design on your arm if you’re all about the surf, the beach setting campfires, and the good vibes. So, if that describes your perfect beach day, then this is the design for you.

9The Little Mermaid

This Little Mermaid tattoo with silhouettes of Flounder and Sebastian too, is one of our favorites. I mean, who doesn’t love a tribute to Disney AND the beach? It’s a two-fer and we are totally digging it.

10Seahorse Down Spine

This seahorse down the spine is a very different choice for a beach-themed tattoo design. It Incorporates tropical flowers for even more of a beach echo.


This swimmer underwater tattoo is beautiful to look at and really makes you think. The wearer of this tattoo should be adventurous and curious.

12Blue Wave

This gorgeously shaded blue wave will definitely let people know that you love the beach from your head to your toes. It is also perfect for the surfer girl in you!

13Tiny Palm

This tiny palm will make you feel warm all-year-round! All you have to do is look down at your finger and you’ll be tempted to pour yourself a tropical drink and relax in the sand.


This jellyfish beach-themed tattoo design really is a masterpiece. Its intricate design is reminiscent of a charcoal drawing. It will certainly draw attention!


This beautifully blue dolphin beach-themed tattoo is in such a cute spot, splashing from its pool of water! It’s a girly feminine tattoo with a pop of color!

16Beach Charmed Anklet

This beach-themed anklet charm tattoo wraps around the ankle beautifully and makes it so you never have to buy anymore anklets! It’s an anklet that is with you all the time!


These three seagulls are a cute tribute to your love for the beach. Maybe seagulls are notorious for stealing picnic lunches, but the sound of their call makes you feel like you’re at the beach.

18Flowered Anchor

This girly floral anchor combines the beach and nature into one gorgeous design. If you are a super girly girl with a love for all things nautical, this is for you!


This color-splashed seashell sheds colors similar to the sunset for a tropical beach-themed design ideal for anyone who loves spending their days and nights by the waves.

20Mermaid Scales

This mermaid scale beach-themed tattoo is great for anyone who wants to embrace their inner mermaid. And, it’s customizable and can be put anywhere!

21I Refuse To Sink


22Beach Treasures


23Flip Flops


24Simple Fish


25Conch Shell


26Swimming Turtles


27Infinity Waves




29To The Sea


30Small Finger Beach Tattoos




32Beach Scene


33Small Whale Tail


34Ode To Cali




36Night On The Ocean


37Be Free


38Ship In A Bottle


39Finding Nemo




These wonderful beach themed tattoos should have your mind swirling with ideas of what to get at your next appointment to the tattoo parlor! And, boy, there are so many to choose from!

There are marine animal tattoos that are cute and also a little fierce. From sharks to fish to seahorses, there is something for every personality.

Then there are some tattoos that definitely remind you of the serenity of the ocean. The simple wave, shell, and palm tattoos will make you feel relaxed and as if you are on vacation 24/7.

There are also some tattoos with beautiful colors right from nature. These tattoos will allow you to embrace the tropical vibes that the beach has to offer. And, no you won’t have to wait until summer!

Hopefully, one of these beach tattoos is a good fit to help you celebrate summer all-year-round!


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