Dreamcatcher Tattoos

Dreamcatcher Tattoo Designs

Big and Small Dreamcatcher Tattoos

Are you looking for inspiration for your next tattoo? Well, dreamcatcher tattoos are totally trending. Always have been and always will. These tattoo designs are for the dreamers, lovers, and explorers of the world. So, if that describes you, then take a look at some of our very favorite design ideas.

1Star and Feather

This flowers and feathers dreamcatcher pops not just because of its unique design, but because of the pink, purple and blue colors thrown into the mix.

2Dreamcatcher Anklet

This super cute dreamcatcher anklet design is perfect for the girl who loves to walk around in bare feet. There is something so grounded and spiritual about the positioning of this tattoo.

3The Little Mermaid

Are you a super Ariel fan? Then, you just have to get this Little Mermaid tattoo design to show off your fandom. It’s also very reminiscent of childhood.

4Dreamcatcher Half-Sleeve

This dreamcatcher half-sleeve is absolutely gorgeous. And, it can be customized in a number of ways to suit your style. Make it colorful and girly or dark and gothy! You could even mix and match styles.

5Spine-Long Dreamcatcher

This vertical-style spine-long dreamcatcher makes its way down your back in the most glorious fashion. Almost like a backward signature necklace, it definitely makes a statement.

6Heart Dreamcatcher

This heart dreamcatcher really catches our eye! It’s adorable and girly, while still containing some mystery and spirituality.

7Behind the Ear

We just love behind-the-ear tattoos. They are subtle and hidden, but available to show off when you rock your hair in a pony or braid.

8Turquoise Pop

This turquoise and black tattoo really stands out in a crowd. The pop of color on the tip of the feathers give this tattoo a dreamy and aquatic look.


Who doesn’t love butterflies? Seriously, they’re just as dreamy as the dreamcatcher itself. This butterfly-dreamcatcher combo is perfect for any girly-girl or nature-lover.

10Color Burst Dreamcatcher

This color burst dreamcatcher looks like something threw some chalk paint and let it explode all over. And, we love it. This design is perfect for the artsy girl who wants to add some color to her ink.

11Compass Dreamcatcher

This compass dreamcatcher is a classic. It represents going toward your dreams and never backing down. Sometimes, we don’t always know the right direction, but we always should have an end goal. This tattoo is a reminder of that.

12Flower Dreamcatcher

This flower dreamcatcher is really beautiful. The center of the dreamcatcher contains a flower, the focus, but the blue feathers make the whole design pop.

13Antler Dreamcatcher

If you are looking for something a little different, but still love the idea of a classic dreamcatcher tattoo, then this is a design you should consider. The deer’s antlers are woven together by the string of the dreamcatcher- how cool is that?

14Dainty Dreamcatcher

Some dreamcatcher tattoos are loud and bold, but not this one. This simple yet intricate design looks dainty, feminine and subtle.

15Disney Dreamcatcher

If you’re one of those girls who are, like, OBSESSED, with Disney, then consider this Disney-themed dreamcatcher. You can customize it to include your fave movies and characters.

16Wrist Dreamcatcher

This faded wrist dreamcatcher has so many cool aspects to it. The birds flying from the feather, the word ‘Dream’ coming from the top of the dreamcatcher, the faded design, need we go on?

17Elephant Dreamcatcher

Elephants are always a great thing to incorporate into tattoos. They are good luck symbols. And, who wouldn’t want good luck associated with their dreams?

18Rib Dreamcatcher

We just love rib tattoos. I mean, look at this one. It’s so sexy! And, the falling feathers are quite a unique touch to this dreamcatcher tattoo design.

19Purple Flowers

The color of the purple and green really make this dreamcatcher stand out from the rest. A pop of color can go a long way in a tattoo design. And, by incorporating the color into the feathers and in the center of the dreamcatcher, this one is surely going to draw eyes.

20Hip Dreamcatcher

This hip-based dreamcatcher has three smaller dreamcatchers attached to it and beyond that blue feathers that catch the eye and add to the overall appearance of this dreamcatcher tattoo design. This is a design anyone would be proud to rock.

21Vintage Dreamcatcher


22Beaded Anklet


23Crescent-Moon Dreamcatcher


24Flowers and Heart


25Disney Tribute


26Tree of Life


27Back Of Neck Dreamcatcher


28Lotus Dreamcatcher


29Girly and Feminine


30Mickey Mouse


31Black and White Moon


32Butterfly Moon


33Owl Dreamcatcher


34Splash of Color


35Shoulder Dreamcatcher


36Quote Dreamcatcher


37Rose Dreamcatcher


38Back of Neck Dreamcatcher


39Full Thigh Dreamcatcher


40Small Behind The Ear Dream Catcher Tattoo


41Watercolor Dreamcatcher


42Mystical Dreamcatcher


43Call of the Wild


44Dreamcatcher Butterflies Tattoo


45Colorful Flowers Tattoo


46Dream Catcher Hand Tattoo


47Dream Catcher Side Tattoo


Hopefully, this list gave you a great idea of all the possibilities there are when it comes to dreamcatcher tattoo designs. Seriously, there are so many. How can we possibly narrow down which one we want?

There are some that are total fandom ones. Disney dreamcatchers are a huge thing, which makes sense because big dreams do relate to childhood. And, these tattoos are great (if you are a Disney-lover) because you can customize them to fit your unique style. And, to include your very favorite Disney characters, quotes, and movies.

Then there are some smaller dainty tattoos. These girly and feminine designs are the perfect choice for someone who doesn’t want a bold drastic inking on their skin. Examples on here show dainty designs on the wrists and behind the ear and neck.

There are also some tattoos on here that are popping with a splash of color. Color on dreamcatcher tattoos is such a great touch. It really draws the eye and gives your tattoo design a little bit of extra flair.

Our favorites though are the tattoos that contain other symbols, as well. There are tattoos on here that contain elephants, wolves, the tree of life, lotuses, and other symbolic designs. Pairing them with a dreamcatcher makes it sort of a hybrid tattoo- and, we’re obsessed!

Hopefully, this list helped you found a design you can’t wait to try on!



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