Small Elephant Tattoo Designs


Small Elephant Tattoo Designs

Elephants are not only adorable animals, but they’re also a sign of good luck. And, who doesn’t need more good luck? That’s why we’re super fans of elephant tattoo designs. But, how do we pick just one? There are so many to choose from and they’re all so cute. Here is a list of some of our very favorite small elephants tattoo designs. Get ready to want them all!

1Elephant With Flowers and Hearts

This cute little guy sits on this woman’s ankle with a mix of flowers and hearts tracing his little legs. This simple elephant design is natural and girly and it’s one that anyone could easily rock.

2Elephant with Sunflowers

This simple doodled elephant is holding a bouquet of beautiful sunflowers. The pop of color from the sunflowers enhances the tattoo and gives it some extra flair.

3Elephant in the Desert

This simplistic sketched elephant in the desert scene is great for the minimalist. If you love the idea of an elephant tattoo but aren’t into anything too bold, then consider this design.

4Basic Elephant

This basic little elephant looks like a doodle on a piece of paper. It’s cute and endearing, but with the bold lines, this design truly pops right off the page…uh, skin!

5Elephant Behind

There are tattoos everywhere of heads of elephants and pairs of elephants, but it’s not too often you see one of an elephant tush! This cute design is complete with the elephant holding a rose with its trunk. Now, that’s just too darn cute!

6Elephant With Balloons

This cute little guy is going for a ride up this woman’s leg on a string of balloons and we don’t think we have ever seen anything more adorable than this! Copy this tattoo, but be sure to utilize your favorite colors for the balloons to make it unique and personal.

7Finger Elephant

By tattooing the head of an elephant on your finger, it’s like you have a permanent lucky ring. And, this small design is not overbearing or bold. The natural-looking elephant head will blend right into your daily attire.

8Detail Design Elephant

This small detail design elephant is super bohemian. It’s for that yoga chick or backpacking babe who loves granola and matcha. In the picture, this tattoo is placed on the shoulder, but the truth is, this would look great anywhere!

9Silhouetted Elephant

This silhouetted elephant is the perfect pick for something who wants something minimalistic in design. This black filled-in tattoo makes a great addition to an already tatted-up person.

10Colorful Circle Elephant

This cute little colorful circle elephant is just so round and chubby. We just want to squeeze him! And, we love the galaxy style colors he’s rocking. So mystical!

11Confetti Elephant

If you like to party, then maybe this elephant is the right one for you because, clearly, he likes to party too! Whoever thought a trunk would make the ideal confetti blower?

12Elephant With Balloon Heart

We don’t know what it is with elephants and balloons, but we just can’t seem to get enough. This little bugger is holding a heart balloon and our hearts are jumping!

13Simple Line Elephant

This simple line elephant located on the ankle looks like a notebook doodle that we want to steal. It’s simple and small, so it’s the perfect starter-tattoo for any newbie.

14Mother-Daughter Elephant

This mother-daughter elephant tattoo is the perfect tribute to your best pal. Your mom, of course! It’s sweet, nurturing, and absolutely beautiful.

15Henna-Style Elephant

This henna-style elephant tattoo is one you will want to try on immediately. Its boho design will have you belly dancing all the way home from the tattoo parlor.

16Origami Elephant

Combining elephants and origami into one unique design? It can’t be real! But, it is! We just love the hard lines and geometric shapes. And, seriously, how cute would this be to rock on your body every day?

17Behind-The-Ear Elephant

This whimsical silhouetted elephant design seems to be whispering into this woman’s ear. Maybe giving her good luck and good fortunes. Or, maybe it’s just a simple design that’s easy to hide. You decide.

18Family of Elephants

This family of elephants tattoo design is ideal for the girl who values her family over everything else. It’s a beautiful tribute to the people you love the most!

19Elephant in Space

This adorable elephant in space tattoo is ideal for the wanderlust girl. The plane circling around the elephant represents a love for traveling the world and seeing new sights.

20Small Bold Elephant

This little elephant with bold lines located on the finger is an idealistic minimalistic tattoo. It’s simple and small and does well to blend right into your everyday look.

21Floral Vine Elephant


22Gray Cartoon Elephant


23Heart Head Elephant


24Infinity Elephant


25Scribbled Elephant


26Sharing the Love Elephants


27Mother and Child Elephants


28Musical Elephant


29Elephant with Hearts


30Simple Elephant and Flower


31Watercolor Elephants

32Small Doodled Elephant with Heart


33Striped Colored Elephant


34Gray Surreal Elephant


35Elephant Friends


36Wrist Elephant


37Curly Elephant


38Triple Elephant Tattoo


39Love and Flower Elephants


40Winged Elephant


We can’t get enough of these cute small elephant tattoos. And, they come in so many varieties…which makes it super hard for us to pick just one!

There are elephant tattoos on this list that look like notebook doodles. These tattoos are best for people who are looking for a simplistic less detailed design. And, they can fit almost anywhere!

Then, there are tattoos on this list that are super intricate and boho. Some even look like henna! These designs are perfect for any traveler or girly to rock on their body!

We also love the colorful elephant designs that add a little extra flair. They come in stripes, bursts of color, and watercolor. So, you have so many options!

Plus, there are family-centered small elephant tattoos that are a beautiful tribute to the people you love most in this world.

Hopefully, this list helped inspire your next trip to the tattoo parlor!


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