Sexy Tattoos For Women With Meaning

sexy tattoos for women with meanings

Sexy Tattoos For Women With Meaning

Are you looking for your next tattoo? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Here is a compiled list of sexy tattoos for women with meaning. These tattoos will definitely inspire you and they are guaranteed to turn heads and have people asking the meaning behind them. Get ready for some beautiful designs that will have you itching to go get inked today!

1Inhale The Future

This tattoo reminds you to always look ahead towards the future. The past has no effect on your present state in life. So, put the past and all of your regrets and heartbreaks away, and look ahead to a brighter future.

2Tiny Cross

This tattoo is perfect for the person who puts their faith in God. Right behind the ear is the ideal spot for this tiny cross as it is like God is always speaking in your ear to help you live your best life.

3The Glory

This tattoo tells us that we must remember that there are good things coming. So, don’t get wrapped up in your current drama or feel like your life is over, because in reality, it’s just getting started. Always have faith.


We must remember there is always hope, and this tattoo reminds us of that. Hope is what makes us keep moving forward. So, take the leap and get this inked on your skin.

5Paw Print

This tattoo is especially meaningful to the animal-lover. Animals have a special place in our hearts, and if you have had an animal bond that changed your life, or if you work in the animal profession, this paw print tattoo is perfect for you.

6In The End

This quote is brilliant and will make you question whether love heals all or do you heal yourself? It’s a beautiful quote that will definitely have people asking your opinion on the matter.

7A Brighter Day

This tattoo with meaning reminds us that there is always a brighter tomorrow. So, it’s important we don’t get caught up stressing about daily problems. Always look at the bigger picture and remain hopeful that things will get better.

8Carry You With Me

This design is perfect for the person who has lost a loved one. The quote can be paired with any simple design such as a feather, a pine tree, a mountain, or a bird. There are so many options, it’s really up to you!


This tattoo design is a simple reminder that we all need to remember to breathe through rough times is very important. Simply breathe, know that you are alive and well and that you are strong enough to get through any situation.

10So She Did

It’s essential to have confidence in yourself and own who you are. And, this girl power tattoo design is the perfect way to remind yourself that you can do anything!

11Without The Dark

This design reminds us that life is about ups and downs. The ups are not as good without the lows. Life is about balance and it’s important to remember on a bad day that a good day will come soon. Just hang in there!

12Follow Your Heart

There are few things more important than following your heart. Don’t try to make others happy by doing what they want you to do. Only you can make your heart happy, so go forward and follow your dreams with all that you’ve got!

13Never Give Up

Even when times seem hard, it’s important to never give up. And, this simple wrist script design is a great reminder of that. Every time you look down you will become a little more hopeful.

14Faith Hope Love

This unique tattoo design with the words faith, hope, and love are ideal for someone who is religious and wants the world to know she carries God in her heart.

15Wild Heart

This wild heart tattoo is not only beautiful, but it carries deep meaning. Having a wild heart may feel like a burden sometimes, but it’s important to embrace it. Feed your heart with all its wild fantasies and live your best possible life.

16Maple Leaf

This adorable maple leaf tattoo may look simple, but it carries deep meaning. This is perfect for the nature lover who feels more herself when near the trees than in a city.

17Love Yourself

This reminder inked on your skin will make sure you never forget self-care ever again. No one else is going to love you as good as you love yourself. So, treat yourself right and listen to your heart.


Family is huge in some people’s lives. So, if you life is very family-oriented, then this may be the best tattoo for you to get inked on your skin.

19An Angel

This quote tells the story of a person who has been through it all, but still carries kindness in her heart and spreads it wherever she goes. If this describes you, then consider this tattoo!

20This Too Shall Pass

The classic quote, “this too shall pass” is a great idea for a meaningful tattoo for women. It will remind you to remember that everything is temporary and that the hard times will soon pass.

21One Day At A Time

The quote “one day at a time” is a great idea for a tattoo design. This is for the person that always seems to overthink, plan ahead, and end up stressed out. They just need to remember to just take things one day at a time.


Coordinates can be an extra special tattoo with meaning for some women. It can celebrate home, a favorite spot, where they were born, or the best place they’ve ever traveled. Whatever it represents, they will be carrying it with them wherever they go.

23Not Built To Break

This tattoo is a reminder of being strong. This can represent both physical and emotional strength. As humans, we endure a lot in our lives, but we can never let it break us.

24Pray Tattoo

Prayer is very important in some people’s lives. And, if that describes you, then you might want to get this simple pray tattoo inked on your skin.

25Destroy tattoo

Never let anything destroy you. Instead, think of things in a new perspective and learn to destroy the things that are trying to destroy you. You need to remember you are stronger than you think.

26Dancer tattoo

A dancer tattoo can be a very meaningful tattoo for a dancer or an artist. This is a tattoo dedicated to a passion that people live for. So, if you are an artist, consider getting a tattoo to dedicate to your art.

27A Thousand Lives tattoo

Some people are extreme book-lovers. They find it very easily to get lost in a book. If this describes you, and you find peace in reading, then consider this one for your next tattoo.

28I Save Myself tattoo

It’s important to remain a strong woman, even in a relationship. This tattoo quote is a reminder to yourself and everyone else that you are not asking to be saved, you just want a partner that will stand by your side while you work on yourself.

29Scars We Choose quote tattoo

The only scars we live with are the ones that we chose to keep. It is up to us to decide what we carry with us. This tattoo works as a reminder that we don’t have to carry the things that hurt us into our future. We can set ourselves free.

30Fear Of The Future quote tattoo

This tattoo quote describes the woman who lives her life without fear. She is strong, yet lovable. And, she is determined to live her best life and keep moving forward.

31Strength tattoo

The simple word “strength” is a great idea for a tattoo. The word carries a big meaning and if you feel like you have been through some rough times in life, this will be a perfect design to remind you that you are stronger than the cards you’ve been dealt.

32Continue text tattoo

This tattoo design is perfect for the dreamer and the artist to remember to continue towards their goals. The semi-colon in the middle of the word, “continue” is a great design choice for a writer looking for their next tattoo.

33Tattoo Your Name

There is such power in tattooing your name on your body. It is defining your identity and taking power in your own name. This tattoo is for someone who is unapologetically themselves. And, loves themselves with great force.

34Compass tattoo

This beautiful compass tattoo is perfect for the passionate traveler. It will remind them that no matter where they go, they can always go home. And, that no matter where they are, they have themselves.

35I Will Sacrifice tattoo

This strong script is a wonderful tattoo design idea for someone who puts friends and family above all. They have great love and aren’t afraid to make compromises to make others happy. This is for the selfless soul who takes pride in their love for others.

36Watercolor Lotus Tattoo

This watercolor lotus tattoo design is perfect for an artist or if you love lotus flower which represents enlightenment and purity.

37Arrow Tattoo

Arrow tattoos usually represent protection and courage. This arrow tattoo looks really sexy when located in the middle of the back.

38Quote on Back Tattoo

If you like quotes, choose your favorite one to go along your spine.

39Mandala Tattoo

Mandala represents wholeness, and it is a gorgeous tattoo idea that can look really sexy anywhere in the body.

40Sexy Bow Tattoo

Bow tattoos have different meaning, from girl power, to a gift, or even sharing.

41Sexy and Tiny Tattoo

If you’re looking for something really unique and small, this tiny sun tattoo can be a great option located at the sole of your foot. This sun tattoo is simple but super cute!

42Ribbon Tattoo

Wrist tattoos can look really cute and sexy, and this ribbon tattoo is no exception!

43Your Nickname

If you have a special nickname your boyfriend or family calls you, this for sure will look great on your wrist.

44Happiness tattoo

If you’re looking for a sexy small rib tattoo, sometimes a simple word or a short phrase that you love and relate to would be a perfect idea for a new and sexy tattoo.


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