Self Love Tattoos

Self Love Tattoos

Self Love Tattoo Ideas

We all deserve to give ourselves a little self-love every single day! So, why not remind ourselves of it with a self love tattoo? Here are some great design ideas for self love tattoos that will fit anyone’s taste! Get ready to be craving some ink!

1Self Love Tattoo

This self love heart says it all. And, it is a beautiful design that is ideal the girly girl. With pearls, flowers, and beautiful script, it will make your heart full with love for yourself.

2Take Care Of Yourself Tattoo

Everyone needs to be reminded to take care of themselves. It is very easy to get bogged up in other people’s problems and neglect your own. Make sure to water yourself too!

3Heart Me

This heart me design is sassy and simple and deserves to be tatted on someone with a big personality and a whole lotta self love! This tattoo says it all.

4Heart Self Tattoo

If you want to make a statement but you want to do it quietly, then this tattoo may be the perfect one for you. It’s small, concise, and can be inked anywhere on your skin!

5This Body Is Yours Tattoo

This bold tattoo is not just bold because of its color, but because of the statement it is making. This is a great tattoo for the girl who wants people to know she respects herself.

6Love Yourself First Tattoo

If you don’t love yourself first, how are you going to give love to anyone else? In order to really give all the love you want, you need to take care of yourself first. It’s all about self-care.

7Simple Heart Tattoo

This heart with beautiful script is a tattoo that you can place anywhere on your body. It is easily hidden, or can be enlarged to stand out. Whatever your preference is!

8I Belong Quote Tattoo

If you feel a deep connection to yourself and you know your worth, then this tattoo is a great one for you. It makes a powerful statement, while reminding you of your value.

9Self Love Club Tattoo

This silly but meaningful self love club tattoo is a great way to show the world that you are totally head-over-heels in love with the person that you are!

10You Are Enough Tattoo

There are some days where it feels like you are swimming so hard but still sinking. And, on these days, you must remember that you are enough. And, you are only competing with yourself.

11Breathe Tattoo

This is a total self love tattoo because it reminds us to take care of ourselves and breathe during our journey. If we don’t refresh and refocus we cannot move forward.

12Faith Tattoo

This faith tattoo reminds us to have faith in ourselves and to love ourselves deeply. The wrist is a beautiful place to put it as it runs up our veins, which pump blood to our heart.

13To Be Continued Tattoo

It’s important to not only remember to love yourself, but to love your journey. And, to love the changes that make you the beautiful person that you are. Grow with yourself!

14Fly Tattoo

Always remember that you can fly! With self-love and believing in yourself you really can do anything. So, spread those wings and get ready to soar!

15Grow Self Love Tattoo

As we get older, we grow. Not just in height and weight, but we grow intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually. So, learn to love your ever-growing soul.

16Human Heart Tattoo

We must practice self-love by watering our heart and letting it grow. We can do this by showing ourselves and the world kindness, love, and compassion.

17Mother Nature Tattoo

By letting yourself grow toward the sun, but staying grounded to your roots, you are showing yourself the greatest form of self-love. Reach for the sky, but remain grounded.

18Love Yourself Tattoo

This adorable and simple two-ankle tattoo is perfect if you want something small but unique! It sends the message that you love yourself without being too abstract.

19Worldly Woman Tattoo

This woman holding the world is a great self love tattoo because it reminds us that we ourselves have our worlds in our hands. The love we give to ourselves make us strong enough to rule our world!

20Shine For You Tattoo

There is no shame in thinking that the stars are shining for you. There is a whole world providing you with simple gifts, take them personally and turn them into the self-love you deserve.

21Who I Am Tattoo


22You Are Loved Tattoo


23Amour Tattoo


24Everything About You Tattoo


25Calm Tattoo


26Small Heart Tattoo


27Know Your Worth Tattoo


28So No One Else Has To Tattoo


29Be True Tattoo


30Takes Time Quote Tattoo


31You Choose Self Love Tattoo


32Be Different Tattoo


33Love Me More Tattoo


34Colorful Heart Tattoo


35Simple Body Tattoo


Self-love is a practice that we should all be participating in every single day. Self-love helps us to be more confident, powerful, and successful. It also teaches us kindness. We should be showing the same kindness to ourselves that we show to the rest of the world.

Some of these self-love tattoos show nature images such as trees or flowers growing. This a great metaphor for self-love, as self-love takes time and is ever-changing, just like we are. We must learn to love ourselves as we grow into new people over time.

Other tattoos are a little girly and sassy. They contain hearts, flowers, and even pearls. These are the perfect asset to any feminine-styled female who is dying to get a new tattoo!

Then there are some tattoos that have meaningful quotes attached to them. All of these quotes look at self-love in a positive light and remind the wearer of that tattoo that they are worthy and deserving of love from themselves and from others.

Hopefully, one of these tattoos is the perfect fit for your skin. But, if not, feel free to use them as inspiration to come up with a tattoo that is unique and perfect for you!


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