Rib Tattoos For Girls

rib tattoos for girls

Rib Tattoos For Girls

Rib tattoos are becoming increasingly popular these days; From short quotes to long floral designs, there are numerous choices when it comes to rib tattoos. They are sexy but also tend to carry a lot of meaning since the rib cage is the shell that protects our hearts. So, if you’ve been wondering where your next tattoo should be, take these rib tattoos into consideration. There are so many to choose from and so many interpretations for them all. We promise you’ll love these beautifully unique designs!

1Happiness Rib tattoo

Happiness is severely underrated. It’s the sexiest accessory a girl can have! Everyone should strive to live their best and happiest life. So, this happiness tattoo located on the rib cage is an excellent reminder.

2Constellations Rib Tattoo

If you are an absolute astrology buff, then consider tatting some constellations on your rib cage. It’s a delicate design that will definitely start a conversation. You could even incorporate your sign into the design.

3Human Heart tattoo

This human heart rib tattoo is a work of art. Human heart tattoos are already rich in meaning, but when you add flowers to it, it really helps to remind you that your heart is always growing.

4Script Rib tattoo

It’s a great thing to believe in yourself. Without having faith in everything you are doing, you will never get anywhere. So, tattoo this on your body to empower yourself and keep yourself going even on the rough days!

5Sunflower Rib tattoo

This stunning sunflower is a wonderful idea for a rib tattoo. It is perfect for the person who loves gardening and the outdoors. Sunflowers also represent happiness and freedom. This design is guaranteed to turn heads.

6Mountains Rib Tatttoo

This mountain range rib tattoo is a wonderful choice for the person who loves hiking and is always up for an outdoorsy adventure. It pays tribute to nature and all of its beauty.

7Sun And Moon Rib Tattoo

This sun and moon rib tattoo will make you feel alive. It reminds us to live our lives fully and to embrace every minute of the day. Live by the sun and love by the moon.

8Let It Be Quote Rib Tattoo

This classic quote from the Beatles song, “Let It Be”, is a great way to remind yourself to go with the flow of life and not to worry about everyday stressors. Life is full of twists and turns, but we must ride the wave and learn to deal with its ever-changing nature.

9Family Text Rib Tattoo

If you want to pay tribute to your family, then here is a beautiful tattoo design to do it with. Your rib cage protects your heart, so tatting ‘family’ on it, gives it an even greater meaning. And, your family will definitely appreciate the sentiment.

10Moon Phases Rib Tattoo

This gorgeous moon phase rib tattoo is the perfect choice for the lunar lover in you. Do you feel connected to the moon? And, energized by its power? Then consider this beautiful design.

11Pine Trees Rib Tattoo

This cute pine tree rib tattoo design will have you craving time in the outdoors. If you are someone who feels ‘at one’ with nature, then this is the design for you.

12Butterfly Rib Tattoo

This beautiful butterfly rib tattoo design is a reminder that we are always blossoming into something magical; Just like when a caterpillar transforms into a butterfly. In this design, there is definitely a girly flair in the intricate details.

13Birds Rib Tattoo

These flying birds across the rib are a wonderful design for the nature lover. Birds represent freedom and on the ribs they represent freedom of the heart and the freedom to love.

14Script Rib Tattoo

When you find your passion in life, it is easy to get obsessed and let it take over your life. Let it. Having a passion is something to be proud of.

15Leopard Rib Tattoo

This magnificent leopard tattoo is super daring and sexy. It’s tough without being too boyish or scary. It is the perfect combination of bold and girly.

16Unicorn Rib Tattoo

This wonderful unicorn tattoo is something out of a fairy-tale. It will definitely give you some mystical magical vibes when you’re rocking an outfit that shows it off.

17Sisterhood Rib Tattoo

This beautiful ode to sisterhood tattoo located on the rib is deep in meaning. It will remind you that every woman is a sister and we should work to empower each other.

18Deer Rib Tattoo

This cute deer rib tattoo is a great one for the person who grew up in nature and holds it dear to their heart. If this describes you, definitely consider this design.

19Compass Rib Tattoo

This compass rib tattoo is for the girl who suffers from wanderlust. It’s a great travel tattoo. It’s also a great choice or someone who wants to remember the direction they’re going- they’re end goal.

20Book Rib tattoo

This rib tattoo displaying a book is perfect for the book lover in you. If your main form of meditation is a cup of tea and a good book, then consider this tattoo.

21Nautical Rib Tattoo


22Arrows Rib Tattoo


23Dandelion Rib Tattoo


24Mandala Style Map Rib Tattoo


25Still Is Sexy Rib Tattoo


26Dreamcatcher Rib Tattoo


27Lion Rib Tattoo


28Colorful Bird Rib Tattoo


29Fish Black Rib Tattoo


30Music note Rib Tattoo


31Elephant Side Rib Tattoo


32Cat Rib Tattoo




34Melting Clock Rib Tattoo


35Paw Print Rib tattoo




37Bird With Keys


These totally cute and sexy rib tattoos are full of creativity and uniqueness. There are so many to choose from! And some of them are customizable to suit your taste.

There are some tattoos that pay tribute to nature. There are pine trees, flowers, the sun, and even mountain ranges. These are always a great choice for someone who has a special connection to the outdoors.

Then there some rib tattoos on this list that have to do with passions. Whether it’s a quote or a symbol to represent it. They include passions such as books, music, and art.

There are also rib tattoos on here that are super feminist and very powerful. They represent the strong bond of sisterhood. And, the necessary act of believing in yourself in order to achieve your dreams.

Hopefully, these ideas made you want to hop on down to the tattoo salon and get some beautiful art inked on your ribs.


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